1967 Blantyre CC Football Team


1967 Blantyre CC Football Team wm

Shared here by Drew Semple is Blantyre CC Football Team. The year is 1967. Do you know any of these Blantyre and Burnbank lads?

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William Mullen oooooffft
William Mullen big dan tanner lol
John Lynaghan John Mc Neil far left
Hannah Mcaleenan some haircuts there
William Mullen thts some team !
Stevie Mclean Mick Daly Mick McCauley bottom left Davie bordan next to goalie. Looks like Ned Doyle next to big fan kellachen? John Duffy next to big McNeil.?
Stevie Mclean Dan kellachan
Thomas Barrett Ned Campbell, Brian Ashbridge Dennis McGilligan Jim McGowan
Thomas Barrett Jim McCarroll
Thomas Barrett That’s after 67 early 70s.
Blantyre Project dates are on the back. ’67 , but this was shared with me, so i cant confirm if its right or not.
Thomas Barrett Defo not 67 check your source
Thomas Barrett I went to school with Mick McGaulley 1967 a was 13 so work it out.
William Mullen john duffy tams bro ! he wid be aboot 8
Thomas Barrett 😂😂
John Duffy Both my uncles. Tam 60 last week. So would have been 10. John prob 12 lol
Michelle Mcgaulley My dad Mick McGaulley at the bottom second from the left x
William Mullen grt player !
Ann Marie Connelly Spotted him right away ❤️❤️ xxx
Margaret Mary OSullivan Totally recognised your Dad, Michelle!
Michelle Mcgaulley Margaret Mary OSullivan I know with hair too .. Hope ur well xx
Moira Mulvaney Pacheco So it is Michelle. I recognised him right away.
Fiona Broadley Semple Happy bunch, did they just get beat???
Susan Kenneavy What does cc stand for
Blantyre Project I don’t know. Hopefully somebody can tell me more.
Thomas Barrett Community Centre
Fairlie Gordon Blantyre Community Centre , that pics is later than 67 , more like 1970 -71, B-R,John McNeill, ?,?, Davie Borden, ?, Ned Doyle, Danny Kellachan, Jim McCarroll, F-R, Mick Daily, Mick McGauley,?, ?, ?. (? remember the faces but not the names .)
Blantyre Project is this the back of the community Centre? Date was on the back of the photo, shared to me. I cant confirm if its right. Would be good to get firm dates.
Fairlie Gordon Blantyre Project contact Elizabeth Daily, and Mick will verify the year ( yep that is the back of the centre )
Karen Morton My Dad, fourth from left back row Davie Bordon. Great photo 👍
John Duffy Dodgy Bike Thief in the background 🤣
James Morton Blantyre Community team, 1969.
Edward Meechan Some good looking guys in that team
Elizabeth Daley Mick says 1970
Elizabeth Daley John McNeill, Gerry Cochrane, ned Campbell , Davie Borden, Brian ashbridge, bed Doyle, Danny kellechan
Steven Daley Elizabeth Daley’s that Mick bottom left?
Elizabeth Daley Jim mccarrol? front row Mick mcgaulley, Mick Daley , Dennis mcgilligan , Peter ashbridge and Jim McGowan
Rhona McNeill Here’s you in all your glory dad 😊 ….. Savanna-Jo Mcneillcan you show this to my dad please it won’t let me tag him xx
Audrey McNeill Baw huggers 😂😂😂😂
Anne Mosley What brilliant photo , I did recognise a few of these players ! X
Lyn Hynds Ann Ashbridge do you know any of these ? X
Ann Ashbridge Peter &. Brian Ashbridge and a few others I know x
Lyn Hynds Christine Hynds is that ma uncle Jim ? X
Maureen McGilligan Downie Haha My Big Brother Dennis McGilligan
Gerard Gaffney Anne-Marie Heeps my uncle Jim in the back. Show him
Betty Brown Michael mc Gaulley, ❤️❤️❤️
Christina Marie Harvie How did you see Dennis? 🤔
Janey McAulay Spotted him right away, what a hair do, big Brian had a similar one! Xx
Clare McKenzie Ma wee Da!!! Michael mcgaulley x x
Christine Hynds No Lyn. X

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  1. Blantyre community football team season 1969 to =1970 Lanarkshire under 18 league winners

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