Herbertson Street, Blantyre

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   Researching the origins of Herbertson Street proved more difficult than first thought. Nobody has previously written how Herbertson Street acquired its name when postal addresses were allocated around 1910 and the name wasn’t in any valuation rolls of that time. Some research in the earlier 19th Century was called for and all became clear when it was found that Mrs Janet Jackson (nee Herbertson) was the last owner of Springwell Farm House prior to it being demolished in 1876. Indeed her family had owned the farm for a few decades before that. The name Jackson and Herbertson are absolutely linked to that same person, related to the Jacksons of Spittal and Bardykes.

   Janet’s mother in law Mrs Margaret Herbertson was born in Blantyre in 1793, although lived most of her life over the boundary at Spittal Farm. In 1851, she was a widow at the young age of 58 and living with her daughter Janet and her husband Andrew Jackson and their family of young children at Spittal. Along with them are 4 servants. Margaret owned Springwell Farm House, which following her death in 1863 would be inherited by daughter Janet, who later lived at Old Place, High Blantyre.

   Herbertson and indeed nearby Jackson Street are both therefore named after the last owners of Springwell Farm, whose former field boundaries became the two small streets leading south off Glasgow to Hamilton Road.

   Odd numbered postal address were located on the east side and even on the west.

   Herbertson Street has always been a small street and although side streets branching off Glasgow Road are fully explained in another Blantyre Project book, since there were only a few buildings, its worth touching upon them here too.

   Many excellent old photos have been held back from Blantyre Project website to feature in this book. Meantime, here’s a great old photo of Herbertson Street in the mid 20th Century. Previously unseen online.

From “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Henry Hambley Great picture .
Fairlie Gordon Great work Paul, ( could there be a knighthood in the New Years honours list for you ?😀)
Bob Fisher My Mother’s cousin was Bill Roberts who had the joinery business half way down on the left. Q Aileen ? The Co-op offices were at the bottom on the left, if I remember right
Gaye Vilagala does anyone know the Beaties who did a strong man act who lived in Blantire?
Peter Mcsorley He was my uncle wullie
Paul Veverka Roberts family story coming up next……this week
Henry Hambley Correct. The co-op offices were one floor up at the bottom of Herbertson Strwet. I once spent the summer working there to help out with the “divi”. It was also a the scene of my being sent downstairs to the ladies fashion shop to ask for “a long stand”. After 10 minutes of me waiting around, I was put out of my misery and embarrassment! How naive was I !
Bob Fisher Keep finding those old photos
Paul Veverka Only just getting started……
Moyra Lindsay Oh the joy of turning from Auchinraith road into Herbertson street and seeing Angies the ice cream shop!
Mary Bell Could you tell me when buggy buildings were knocked down used to go visit my grandfather a lot
Paul Veverka Hi Mary. Every building on Auchinraith road is planned to be explored early next year. Stay tuned….
Orlando Ancilotti You could go in on the left and through a wee lane to Jackson St.
Paul Veverka Did it have a big high wall next to the lane? It was originally blocked off but opened up in mid 20th century offering the Roberts family access from their properties at Herbertson street over to family owned houses at Jackson street.
Orlando Ancilotti I think so (i was pretty young). There were homes in on the left then you went through past the Jackson St washhouse/garages.
Anne Mackie looking forward tp the new book xxxx
Sheena Thomson Used to go up this street every day from Gilmours building all the way up Auchinraith road, along Welsh drive on to Burnbrae road to my Mums,pushing my son in his prism.
Miller Armstrong The COOP Gents outfitters was near the bottom on the left my cousin and i used to do our Harry Worth impression on the front window…….memories
Jennifer Miller Love it ❤️
Veronica Mccole You love Blantyre mum x
Margaret Farmer When I moved into 14 Herbertson Street in 1968 the Burleigh Church was gone.
Miller Armstrong my aunt and uncle lived in jackson street and you could walk through to Herbertson st we used to listen to the bands on in the co hall at the back court

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  1. My grandparents lived upstairs, round the back at Herbertson Street, overlooking some sort of joiners yard, I think. We got to their flat by going up stairs round the back. They left there to live at the top of Auchinraith Road in the mid 60’s. I have some old photos of the back garden and newspaper cuttings about the start of the co-op. Their name was Erskine, and there was an old lady who lived downstairs at the front, called Mrs Smith. My memories are a bit vague as I was only a kid when we visited there

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