1980’s Calderside Tractors

With thanks to Jim Cochrane for sharing these photos, mostly from the 1980’s of the farm equipment at Calderside. Jim added, “Here are some photos of Calderside Farm Steading in the 1980s”


This is the 1980’s tractor and machinery shed but was also used for bagged barley storage for part of the year. It was the original cartshed. It was built in 1825.


The photo with the open door into the stable … We used it for rearing the calves but at one time its housed 4 pair of Clydesdales. It dated from 1746 and all the the stable woodwork was solid pitch pine that you couldnt hammer a nail into.



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Frances Reid my mother and father worked on the farm I did enjoy country life xx
Marian Maguire Wee Annie’s house. She loved to talk about the farm.
Kay Gillies I remember as a child going a walk and stopped at that point for a picnic. Robert Henderson Brings back memorys of going there when I was younger
Frances Reid bringing back some lovely memories from the 40s living next to the farm xx

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