1980s Calderside Farm outbuildings

Jim Cochrane shared a few more photos of Calderside Farm in the 1980s. He added, “We built these pole barn sheds ourselves. The poles were ex GPO or SSEB and all the wood was supplied by Robert Reid in Hamilton . It was all top class pine from tenaments in Hamilton. Single lengths at 40 and 50 feet that you can’t get now.”


The post holes were dug by hand into 4 or 5 feet of solid sandstone. Quite a few by yours truly (Jim!) after school and at the weekends.


Also pictured is a small implement shed . Jim added, “We still used the grain drill every year untill the sale in 1989. It was a Massey Harris and was bought new in 1948 by Jimmy Rochead at Malcolmwood . My Grandfather got it and was used from the early 60s. The Albion Grain binder in the background was last used at Calderside in 1972 when they finally converted to combine. I still have it at Malcolmwood and have used it there. It was bought new By Bob Chambers at Allers in the 30s or 40s. My grandfather must have bought it from there in the late 50s .”

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