We’ve tweaked our image!

A slight subtle change to the page this afternoon. The Blantyre Project has had a tiny name change to simply, “Blantyre Project” with updated banners, links, page names, profile pic to suit. Following discussion with SEO advisors and approval from Facebook, I’ve dropped the word ‘The’ from the start for the following reasons:

1. For many years, local people have known me and this page as “Blantyre Project” which has now developed into a recognisable brand, rather than wordy “The Blantyre Project.”
2. “Blantyre Project” is more easily found when other pages TAG us or link to us.
3. “Blantyre Project” ranks higher in search engines than the old name.
4. “Blantyre Project” is more easily suggested in Facebook when people write about Blantyre than say for example other pages with a word in front of Blantyre or adding a letter or words.
5. Our domain has always been www.blantyreproject.com so the Facebook page now matches.
6. The look and feel of the main website is now being updated to match the look on the facebook page, for an instantly recognisable, more professional brand.
7. Following legal advice, “Blantyre Project” is in readiness to create our own self- Publishing company, removing ourselves from previous publisher, in order to completely protect against others publishing our works and sue financially others using any of our photos, words, or those from our visitors without attaining permission first. It also has the bonus of creating higher monthly royalties.

It means a slightly different look to our page than you may be used to. Please note,

our Facebook page now has a change in address to:
Tag Blantyre Project

Everything else remains the same. Onwards and upwards.

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