1978 Annie Dixon , competition winner


Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 17.15.04Mrs Annie Dixon was 88 years old in 1978, when she won first prize in a World Cup Raffle at Botterils Food Market in Coatshill.

The grandmother of six, lived at 44 Coatshill Avenue won a world cup strip, plus tartan hat, scarf and rattle, two bottles of whisky, a bottle of champagne, a dozen cans of lager, a dozen cans of beer and the priviledge of crowning the gala queen that year on 1st July.

It paints a good picture of this lively pensioner watching the football in “Argentina ’78 World Cup.

Did you know Annie?

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Blantyre Project was Botterils Food Market in the same place where Premier Mos is today? I dont have much memory of Coatshill in the 1970s.
Stephen Allan No. Where the Scotmid is now just along a bit.
Blantyre Project Back in the day Blantyre had a GALA week celebration, ending with the actual gala day.
Anne Berg Annie Dickson was my Granny and crowned the Gala Queen in the late 70’s, the photo was in the Hamilton Advertiser. Granny had a wonderful day.
Jim Stuart Anne Berg she look as though she was in her late 70s but she was 88……..still remember that hat !
Anne Berg Naw! The “late 70’s” being that period in history when disco music was the thing….your sisters got married and your brother was asked to resign from HMRN! But l do mind the hat right enough!
Jim Stuart Ha !!! DOH. I read ye🤣
Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley Botterills was where scotmid is .
Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley Mo.s was originally owed by Mr Rennie then Mr Barrie
Blantyre Project thanks Margaret .
Linda Halpin I lived at 52 don’t remember her, although there was a pensioners house at the end of coatshill, maybe related to the Stewart family not sure x
im Stuart My old granny……lived well into 90s xx
Sadie Crawford Mrs Dixon lived two doors from us in Coatshill Ave at No 44. She was a lovely lady. She regularly was in our house(Ennis) and she used to read all our tea leaves,telling us our fortunes. Remember her well.
Fran Mcdermott Walters Famously fainted in there knocking the new battery display lol..x
Linda Halpin How you doing Sadie still going to aerobics !! X
Sadie Crawford Yes Linda still going to aerobics. I’m doing fine, still piling on the pounds!!!!!!

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