Greenhall Felling

With felling at Greenhall well progressed these last few weeks, Wed 13th September 2017 saw the start of the tree haulage from the High Blantyre site, with lorries now carting away the large felled conifers.

Close to 500 dangerous trees are scheduled to be felled to make way for native species with work well underway throughout August and September. Timing of the work was carefully considered to ensure minimal environmental impact for local mammals and birds.

Whilst the site is still fully closed to the public, Blantyre Telegraph have obtained good photos of the progress from the tree felling contractors, Highfield Forestry, which may give you a good idea of the extent of the work.

Safe to say the woodland at Greenhall is going to look very different when it re-opens later in the year. Rest assured though, all money from the timber and bark chippings is being reinvested into the Calder with the upgrade of paths, nature trails and making the whole area more accessible, safer and easier to walk through. Some work on the paths has already started over at the Pech Brae and Barnhill.

We’re sure in a couple of springtimes, this whole area, one of the most beautiful we have in Blantyre, is going to look very green and lush again, with native species, bluebells, ferns and less invasive plants bursting with life with no overhead damaged conifer canopy.

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