Books home to Blantyre

I recently posted about some books that were sent back “home” to Blantyre from Canada. Well, this theme continues and in the post today, yet another carefully wrapped parcel was received by me, most graciously.


Norma Marr of Calgary, Canada shared 2 old books that formerly belonged to her family, “the Downies” of Calderside.

A book about Livingstone written by Dr Stanley and an old book about the Covenanters in Scotland, (which I look forward to reading!) Sincere thanks to Norma and Al for their kindness and posting these over. Rest assumed I’lll look after these lovely gifts carefully, (which arrived safely) and they’ll now be housed here at Croftfoot, not a half mile from where they were previously read by your family so many years ago.

Both books now sit proudly alongside other donations on my mantlepiece in my spare bedroom, rapidly becoming a “mini Blantyre museum” and as you can see, my continual slip back into the 19th Century continues unabated…….


Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Norma Lawrence Marr Glad to hear that they made it safely. They look very comfortable resting on your beautiful mantel. A more fitting place for them — much better than sitting in a box in my basement!
Blantyre Project thank you again. Sincerely appreciated!!!
Chris Ladds Great Paul – It that the Rev. Simpson Covenanter work?
Blantyre Project ive never read it before, but looking forward to learning more about this time in history.
Chris Ladds If it is Simpson then Its more of an annecdotal work and great reminisce in approach and much of the content – but it’s a great read Paul!
Gord Fotheringham Have a good read paul
Anne Grogan Livingstone’s cousin came to Canada and called a wee village Blantyre. In 1987 all that was left was a store and that was burnt to the ground. Sad that it’s gone and so to is Blantyre.

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