1978 American Teen Team


1978 American Teen Team wmMeet the American “Teen Team” whom during the last week in August 1978, visited and made friends with many people in Blantyre.

The teenagers and their leaders were from different Christian organisations throughout America and arrived in Blantyre on Tuesday 22nd August 1978, hoping to stay for a week. Together they formed the “Teen Mission Organisation of America.” The team send out missions to all over the world, sometimes holding open air events to get the religious message out to adults and children.

Whilst in Blantyre, they held a service at David Livingstone Memorial Centre grounds and also at Stonefield Public Park. They are pictured outside the High Blantyre Baptist Memorial Church on Main Street, just one of the churches who openly welcomed them.

Before they left, a group leader said, “We’ve had a wonderful reception from the local people. Blantyre is a fine community and the kids have been really impressed. ” They all flew back to America on Sunday 27th August 1978.

I did wonder though what they made of much of Glasgow Road boarded up that summer!

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017


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