1978 Edna Healey visits Blantyre


1978 Edna Healey, wife of DenisOn Thursday 24th August 1978, Mrs. Edna Healy, the wife of the then Chancellor of rhe Exchequor, Denis Healey, dropped in at the Livingstone Memorial Centre. However, her visit wasn’t to advance the Labour political party campaign.

Edna had written a book about all the business people who had financially backed David Livingstone’s African expeditions over a Century earlier. Her visit was specifically to gather information about her next publication, which was a book about Livingstone’s wife and mother in law.

Like all well researched books, it took some time and did not get published until 1986. Lady Healey died on 21 July 2010, aged 92. Lord Healey, her husband of 65 years, three children and four grandchildren, survived her until his death in 2015, aged 98.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c)

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