Crossbasket – Phase 2

crossbasket33Blantyre’s finest property and luxury estate is about to get even more amazing! The 5 star impressive Crossbasket Castle has recently confirmed their intention to expand.

Owners spoke to us directly yesterday confirming that the adjacent field being acquired is just the first step in their future plans to piece back Crossbasket and continue to put High Blantyre on the map.

Crossbasket’s press releases will in due course confirm what exciting plans are in store for the field (not housing!). Meantime, we can reveal that the private front entrance lodge was acquired by Crossbasket and is currently going through the most remarkable transformation, including the removal of the old, white paint from the stonework.

Outside on Stoneymeadow Road, extensive renovations to the stone walling adjacent to the road is underway, significantly improving the look of the area in general. These walls have been damaged for many years due to accidents and storm damaged trees.

Further back, across the river plans are being explored for a hydro scheme which will assist providing electricity to the Castle. MUCH more is planned and Crossbasket will be making their exciting announcements themselves about that in due course.

With thanks to the owners for giving us an insight into current developments.

Photo of Castle: Crossbasket
Other photos: Blantyre Telegraph

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