1967 Small Pool, Stonefield Public Park

1967 The wee pool wm

Well, its finally happened! The holy grail of Blantyre photos, well, certainly in terms of what people keep asking me to see. Ladies and gents, here’s the small, oval pool at Stonefield Public Park!

This 1967 picture is courtesy of Blantyre Project reader Lorraine Adair. The small pool was located near the Station Road entrance and is fondly remembered by many Blantyre people when they were small children, in use right up until 1980 or so. It was painted light blue although the water could often by a lot darker!

Lorraine told me, “This is me sitting in the paddling pool. With my sister Ann standing beside me and my brother Robert behind me.”

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Jacqueline Muir Remember it well.
John Cavanagh Spent many a happy hour in there wen I was younger
Carol Goldie Remember it well πŸ˜€
Fraser Cosh Remember it fondly. Used to love going along there during the summer holidays with my gran for a picnic.
Stephanie Shahid Karen Nicoll, such a shame this once lovely park has gone down hill x
Karen Nicoll Ano, my grandpa and granny took me to the park often as they stayed in park lane, a splashed in that pool often, and played pitch and putt with grandpa, loved the boats too xx

Sandra Murphy Fond memories we used it often when we were kids xx
Andrena Black Lovely memories of this park x
Jackie MacDonald Loved it there. X
John Harrison Tam what we were talking about walking home last night πŸ˜†
Craig Brown Used it a couple of times it was there until mid 90s although never working much. Remember the big boating pond too and the putting green. Good times.
Martin McManus I was just about to say that it must have been there well after 1980, as I remember playing in it a good few times, and I wasn’t born till 1977!
Louise Waugh I remember it and was born in 1984
Craig Brown Same I was born 85. Can’t remember it ever working much though.

Gail Gillon Shame its all changed. πŸ™

Β Catherine Hailes Young Great memories when we were kids x
Thomas Barrett Can remember it being built.
Margaret Bell Brilliant times. Public park not the same now. I remember in the summer it was jam packed, hardly a soul down there now. Wish they still had the pool and the boating pond. X
Amanda Palmer Me too many happy times xxx
Ishbel Hilston Brilliant memories such a shame it’s all gone the putting green and the boating pond 😊😊
Catriona Paterson South lanarkshite council ripped the a good park too bits. Once was a beautiful park same as high Blantyre park.
Ishbel Hilston I know its such a shame.
Collette Maguire Gardiner I had totally forgot about that, loved paddling in there
Robert McLeod-Wolohan remember it very well, my kids used to paddle in it, and the same with the boating pond lol again such very fond memories. even when i was at school in the mid 60s i used to play in it myself lol
Jean Thomson Brilliant had many great days at park
MariΓ¨ Rodwell I remember one very hot summer .. I went to the park from house in park Lane. . Was told to put sandles on when going in pool ( I didn’t ) someone dropped a glass ginger bottle in the pool .. daft me jumped from the top bit of pool and behold stepped right on broken glass . It went right through my big left toe … blood everywhere .. a kind lady or tall girl . Helped me home .. she was covered in blood
Tracey Muir Always had to have plastic sandles to go in
MariΓ¨ Rodwell It was just me not doing as I was told as usual … my dad was mad coz I disturbed his sunbathing. … ended with stitches and a tetanus jag to the bum .. that hurt more than the stitches. .. still never learned my lesson lol
Jim Stuart Yep, remember it well. Amazing to think that the public park had such a thing and that the weather was warm enough for us all to use it !! Health and safety wasn’t even a consideration….Happy Days !
Emily Rorke Happy days!
Karen Baird I can see my grans house from there on station road. Used to love playing in that pond. But hated when i had spent ages making the chute all shiny and slippy with my mothers pride loaf grease paper then somebody would go down in their wet trunks or swimsuit lol πŸ˜‚ good times.
Sally Jamieson Oh I remember that and the boating pond. Such a shadow of its former self now that Park is.πŸ˜ͺ
Angela Burns Great photo. Why cant we still have parks like this? This generation are missing out on the simple things in life now due to a mixture of the computer generation and lack of facilities from local councils 😟
Carol Keatt Great times in the park railways remember the big steel rocking horse at the entrance from Glasgow road.and the stainless steel water fountain had to line up for a drink πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Paul McLauchlin I remember it very well. It was a bit manky a lot of the time.
Carol Keatt “Always “
Ann Adair Creechan I was almost 13 when this was taken. We always had great fun in that park. Took my kids there too. Remember the punch and judy shows and gala days. Was visiting from Canada this year and it was sad to see there’s not much left of the park for kids to enjoy.
Mary Summers Ann did you used to stay in burnside cres ,I remember you ,my maiden name was Cairney
Ann Adair Creechan I did. We lived at number 83.
Ann Adair Creechan I do recall the name. I remember the Harkers next door and the Feechans next door downstairs on the other side. Granny Williams up the street and the McGuigans.
Jim McAllister When kids had fun
Lindsay Hamilton Good memories, my Dad would take me along on my wee tricycle, I’d play so much I’d fall asleep on the way home so he had to tie a rope to handlebars and tow me home. Also, my dogs loved pond, these days my Lab and labradoodle have to make do with the big puddle, shame.
Carolyn Patterson Great to see a picture of the pond that I have so many happy memories playing in pool and the swing park with my brothers we lived just across the road on Park Lane happy days on the sun 😎
Carole Miller Awe I loved it great memories x
Agnes Flannigan I remember the boating when I first moved to blantyre

Nancy McFadden Happy Days
Margaret Mary OSullivan Used to prance down the stairs across from the boating pond, pretending I was a princess, with my fleet of boats in front of me – often sporting a daisy chain crown!πŸ‘ΈπŸ˜‚
Germaine Skillin πŸ‘‘ Princess Sophie must get it from you!!! I used to love going that park when we were wee, too 😁

Margaret Mary OSullivan Must be genetic, Germaine!
Lorraine Brown Oh such happy days in the manky pond – but we didn’t care πŸ˜‚
Helen Henderson Mclaughlin Was in that a lot lol

Katie Garbutt my chldhood was spent in that park,,Broke my tooth on the iron horse as i went over the top..
Elaine Speirs i remember this so well. Paddling with plastic sandals on just in cas ethere was glass. Happy days
Mary Quinn I remember seeing a girl stand on a piece of glass and the blood everywhere,
Marion Jones Good memories x
Maryelaine Douglas Was never out of this loved that park when I was wee xx
Alisa Tonner Julie Mcgunnigal Carr you remember this wee blue pool in park?
Bobby Hunter Grace Martin can mind this x
Anne Marie Murray Remember it well! Many a great time we had playing in the park! ..
Julie Mcgunnigal Carr Omg Stephen was refereeing down that park last week and I was telling them about us being in the water with our bathing suits on lol xxx Alisa Tonner x
Alisa Tonner Awhhh haha no way…gr8 memories xxx
Julie Mcgunnigal Carr Ano that and David Livingston mind the water fountain that was shaped as the world x
Alisa Tonner Yeah defo mind my mum worked in there haha xx
Linda Halpin Paddled in that pool how did they filter the water then or was it quite dirty nevertheless I loved it !!! X
Stephen Kelly I remember the wee pool when I was a pup that was the 80s
Ann Hartman Also remember all the lovely flower beds with the year laid out in flowers at Glasgow road entrance
Lorraine Adair This made my day was walking through the park coming from Asda to Park Lane and was thinking about all the good times we had in the park and thought about this picture when I got up to where the pond was. I stopped and had a look around thinking what hSee more
Catherine Sneddon Used to spend time between this park and David Livingston xx
Lesley Mckenzie Happy days remeber spending many a day there with my sister alison.
Colette McGowan Brings back so many great memories. πŸ™‚ Don’t think the kids of today are as lucky as we were. 😟
Christine Harvie Loved this park. It used to be beautiful.
Kelly Ann Muir Aw I remember this πŸ’–πŸ’– xx
Catherine Sneddon Fame at last cracking picture xx
Ann Millar Mony a brilliant day a spent in that pool, brilliant memories!n
Sadie Dolan So many great child memories of this pool used to come down here every day in the summertime that’s when we had good weather all the time, our pieces in jam and juice, that was us till dinner time,wish I cld go back in time happy memories, Brilliant Pic x
Anne Grogan Great memories of that park as a kid. So sad it’s gone.
Donna Tait Great memories x
Daniel Murphy Showing ur ageπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

1967 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Donna Tait Daniel Murphy cheeky, through the 80’s! πŸ™ˆ
Daniel Murphy Donna Tait add your school years πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Blantyre Project I cant think of any other photo that sums up Blantyre childhood more. It’s a cracker!
Bernadette Mcparland Many a great day was had in that park. The pools were great..wee rowing boats and the world was a safe place. Kids could play there all day.
Anne Brennan So true, Bernadette….much safer times and we had so much freedom, staying out all day with a piece n jam and a bottle of water! Easy pleased then! X
Jim Brown I remember paddling there πŸ™‚ cracker!
Joan Adams I know Lizzy Adams a sat down in it and someone had broken a ginger bottle in it the next day it was my foot cut that was the joys of being poor.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚xxx
Rab Mccarrol used to be a cracking wee park, not seen it in a while but seemingly fell apart a bit!!!
Tracy Stirling Remember it too. Played there with my cousins. Late 70,s. Great pic πŸ™‚
Anne Irvine Always remember. There was always some poor kid cutting their feet on broken glass in that wee pond. Never stopped us using it right enough haha
Blantyre Project i remember the glass was terrible in the boating pond. Really sharp, really bad. Never seemed to be cleaned out very often either.
John Berry Many a gd time in tht ehh Andy Flex Cheung Robert Allan Jim Duffy wee sure an the crazy things 2
Robert Crothers Lost my toenail in there
Victoria Smith I remember it very well..! The gid auld days x
Frances Reid my 3 boys loved it
Jim McSorley Thanks for sharing this photo Paul. Indeed bringing back memories.
Carol Crombie Loved that we pool, and when it was dry it was great with a skateboard or roller skates
Ricky Mcculloch Zat you wae the rainmate on? Carolyn Patterson lol x
Alistair Mathieson Had to clean this out every morning, and in later years used to find broken bottles!.
Rosemary Law Told my kids about thisxx I have a clear memory of mum sitting under the two trees that’s still there reading her book x and I’m freeing out in the pool because of the wee red blood worms lol
Andrew Mcmillan It was great playing on your bike in itπŸ˜€
Jamie Drumgold Stephanie Wiggins this is what i was telling you about
Marian Maguire I wonder Kerry Maguire if you can see aprons house in this picture.
Kerry Maguire Have you been on the baileys again? X
Marian Maguire That’s that bloody predictive txt thing, when I read it, it said Arons. It just changed it again to Alfonso, so I’ve changed it back.
Kerry Maguire Marian Maguire Alfonso πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Laura Bush Remember the blue pool and pitch and putt. Bring it all back.
Gay Frazier We used to go there
Anne Mosley Is this the old public park in low Blantyre ?
Annette McMahon Cambridge We pool was brilliant and the boating pond with the wooden pedal boats not though’s plastic ones
Anne Brennan This just sums up my childhood! Fantastic to see it again, and thanks to lady who shared it!
Billy Purse remember it well
Esther Reeves Closs This brings back so many great memories , the boats too 😊😲
Blantyre Project this may just be the most popular post of the year! πŸ˜‰
Nancy McFadden My uncle Dan used to work at the park and he would let us take out boats for as lonf
Nancy McFadden Long as we wanted our next door neighbour was Mr Watson and he was a gardener there ……it was so sad what happened to the park I remember tbe flower arrangements
Kirsty Evans Hayley Milligan remember when this was a big pond πŸ™ˆ x
Simon Everett Pure luxury, and you know it .
Garry Lee Paul, do you just love it when you post a picture that gets everyone talking? This wee paddling pool must have had great memories for everyone. πŸ˜€
Caroline Mcguire Rutherford Wendy Mcinally we were just talking about the Blantyre pool. Loved it when it had water in it xXx
David Blessing Paddy Maguire will remember this.
Mary Brown Jean Gray,remember this?
Jean Gray We didn’t arrive in Blantyre till 1971 x
Drew Burnett I remember my brother taking us for a dip during summer, one problem, no swimming trunks! So one fully clothed swim in the pool later, we were grounded by a very unhappy mum!!!!! Brilliant memories.
Anne Burns Great days
Margaret Lennox Can you imaginw that now Oh DONT go near that water its dirty phone the water board now lol
Joyce Queen-Hunter Had a great boating pond there as well i feel sorry as our kids are missing out in so much that we enjoyed x
Gerald Strang Defo mind that
Rose Paterson We use to have a great time there . Maureen Stark
Kerrie Latta I remember the pool was there is was just a little blue patch we always thought it was a little pond lol

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