1973 Stonefield Public Park

1973 Stonefield Public Park wm

With thanks to Lorraine Adair who shared this photo of her dad at Stonefield Public Park in 1973 or possibly 1974. At the back of the park, these flowers were often arranged in beautiful displays, quite often in earlier decades as a flag or clock.

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Dorothy Doherty Remember it well
Tom Loggie In the 1950’s that area was known as the short grass which was kept nearly like a bowling green, and the park keeper would chase you for your life if you tried to play football on it
Tom Loggie The first area I can remember with a floral display was on the grass bank beside the pond and it was the festival of Britain emblem.
Anthony Smith Before swimming in the pond,we used to put our swimming trunks on behind that hedge.Which has really grown since the 60,s.
Jeanette Allardyce Ward This is how I remember the park. It is also the way it should still be. But no, the council decided to destroy a beautiful park instead

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