Neil’s Superhuman Achievement


17310019_1426100210796088_5713248202403790142_oFor most of us, when we think of the West Highland Way, we think of outdoor types, walking along the well marked route, taking a week or so to complete the whole trail.

Neil Richardson from Blantyre was up for a bigger challenge and I was astonished to learn of his accomplishments on Sunday 25th June 2017. Incredibly, Neil completed the West Highland Way race that day in under 24 hrs!! Running the entire route.

It is by far, Scotland’s toughest ultra race and despite some terrible weather conditions he finished in the top 50 places. There is a strong possibility he may be the first Blantyre man to complete this race and collect the much sought after WHW goblet. (pictured)

Neil ran it in 23hrs 10 mins  running non stop from Milgavie to Fort William. Just think about that tremendous athletic achievement for a second! Mindblowing!

The course is 95 miles of hard slog, some 14000 feet of climbing, up “The Devils Staircase” after 70 miles running. From the 211 superhumans who took up this challenge, only 159 finished. Neil commented on social media, “So many emotions. A unique experience and humbled to be crewed by the best!”

I think Neil deserves some recognition for this marvel and hence, i have recorded this story into Blantyre’s History Archives. Well done again Neil! You made Blantyre proud.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Margaret Lindner A big well done xxx
Evonne McLaughlin Well done Neil!
Jean Richardson Really excited to see this post Neil.
Really impressed at your achievement.
Best wishes.
Margaret Anne Hendry Fantastic Neil xx
Jessie Caldow Awesome achievement Neil! Congratulations!!
Lesley Devine Fab article xx
Lesley Bethel Well done!

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