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Last night, Blantyre Community Council were kind enough to email me an update from their meeting with ASDA about the planned (modern) Glasgow Road Redevelopment of Clydeview Shopping Centre. It’s included here for your perusal.

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“The Blantyre Community Council held a consultation meeting tonight, Tuesday 1st August 2017 with Asda with regard to the development plans for the Clydeview Shopping Centre

In attendance at the Priestfield Hall were – Alan Jones, Senior Communications Manager, Corporate Affairs Asda, Phil Prentice, Chief Officer for Scotland’s Town Partnership, as well as Ian Ross SLC and political representatives, Clare Haughey MSP, Lynsay Hamilton, Officer Manager for Ged Killen MP, cllrs Razzaq, Chalmers and Thomson.

Alan Jones highlighted the proposals – demolition of the east wing of the Shopping Centre, the construction of new units, the improvement of the existing car park and upgrade of Blantyre’s Asda store.

There were several questions with reference to the displacement of existing businesses. A member of the public advised that both the launderette and ‘Mandarin’ have been given notice to quit. However, this was not confirmed with Asda. The relocation of ‘Greggs’ and nearby ‘bookmakers’ to the west side which appears to be widely known, was also not confirmed.

The general consensus of the meeting was that the monopoly of Asda within the Clydeview Shopping Ventre has caused the blight, the lack of competition, business opportunity and little investment in Blantyre.

The community is desperate for the shopping centre to be successful.

The community want to help shape the plan for the regeneration of the shopping centre before the official planning process takes place.

There was concern that established businesses were being ignored – lawyers, kaos and that priority would be given to major chains – e.g Gregg’s, bookies

Michael McGlynn chairperson of BCC stated ‘ that the Blantyre community council and community are fully committed to the improvement of the Clydeview Shopping Centre and wish to work with Asda and others to achieve this aim’

He continued, ‘The Community Council will contact Asda in order to achieve a community perspective and will keep the community fully informed’

Please note – There were no firm decisions but Asda are now having pre application meetings with South Lanarkshire Council.”

On Blantyre Project social media, with granted permission. Strictly not for use on any other website or publication:

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  1. Thanks for this update, first I have been made aware of this.

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