1937 Blantyre’s First Gala Queen


Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 21.04.55Tracing Blantyre Gala Roots back, pictured here is he very first ever Blantyre Gala Queen on 3rd July 1937. Some 2 years before the Second World War, at Castle Park (Vics Grounds at Forrest Street), Helen McLelland was crowned and pictured in the local newspaper.

Helen was a pupil of Low Blantyre School. The event was held by Blantyre Co-operative Society. She is pictured here with her Maids of Honour, along with Mrs Hunter, who performed the crowning.

Looking into this a little more, after the war, a Helen McLelland married Mr. Angus Cameron in Blantyre and I’d love to know if this is the same Helen pictured all those years ago. If alive today, Helen would be in her 90s.

With thanks to Gordon Cook for this photo.

On Blantyre Project social media, with granted permission. Strictly not for use on any other website or publication:

Hugh Lennon Tonner Gus and Nellie Cameron stayed at 39 Cloudhowe Terrace our next door neighbours for years.

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