1978 Weddings of Blantyre Folk


Lets stay with 1978 and see some more Weddings featuring Blantyre folk!

1978 Alan Ritchie & Catherine Greenhorn wm

Miss Catherine Greenhorn of 7 Jedburgh Street, Blantyre married Alan Ritchie of Knightswood in early 1978. The wedding took place in St Andrews Parish Church in Low Blantyre.

1978 Elizabeth Wotherspoon & William Allan wm

Hogmanay 1977, Miss Elizabeth Wotherspoon of 6 Wheatland Avenue and Mr William Allan of 7 Moffat Place were married in the Old Parish Church.

1978 Lilian Glachan & Andrew Fisher wm

Mr Andrew Fisher of 165 Auchinraith Road, Blantyre married Lilian Glachan of Kilmarnock in early 1978, choosing to marry in Kilmarnock.

All three photos now added to our Wedding Archives.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Helen Stewart Great pic went to school with Cathie and Liz x
Thea Borland Mcnamee Cathie lives in burnbank noo..never changed a bit..lol
Liz Duncan Cathie is my cousin now lives n Burnbank has 4 children n lives with Michael x
Angela Burns Knew cathie and Alan when they had their wee flat in glenlee st. Remember her having Kirk then michelle but lost touch when i started working in rutherglen x
Rob Pate Any relation to Charlie Greenhorn from Blantyre?
Liz Duncan Angela Burns she has another 2 daughters Lindsey and Louise, split from Alan and is now with Michael xx
Liz Duncan Rob Pate did not think so
Angela Burns Yeah i knew they had split up xx
Helen Stewart Hi Liz knew Cathie was your cousin she lived beside you in jedburgh st say hi from me if you see her xx
Anne Cook Drew is my cousin!!!!
The Blantyre Project Drew Fisher thanks. I will update that. Hamilton Advertiser published several incorrectly dated photos in January 1978, as i found out last week. It will be corrected in the archive on the site. Cheers.
Drew Fisher Anne Cook well remembered!
Drew Fisher Sally Jamieson Yes indeed. I was a member there from the early 1970s and Lilian attended for most of 1978 until we left the area. Were you there at that time?
Anne Cook WHeres yer photie!!
Anne Cook You Had a Lightbody’s pie !!!-I think !!
Bob Fisher Maybe Drew doesn’t want to remember that?. Was at Drew’s for dinner last week…….not a pie in sight
Anne Cook haha!!!!
Rob Pate Drew Fisher better have something special planned Drew
Lesley Fisher And I was a wee flower girl…
Liz Allan Hogmanay 1977 xx ruby anniversary being celebrated this hogmanay woo hoo 🍾🎉💖
Jim Frame Old names from Calder Street school
Lesley Mckenzie I remeber them to angela
Lindsey Zoom Zoom Ritchie Alan and Cathie are my parents.


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