1967 Ready for India


1967 McArthur Family Greenhall Place wmIn September 1967, local newspaper reported that 2 year old Shona McArthur of 6 Greenhall Place, High Blantyre and her parents were gearing up to go and live in India.

Dr John McArthur and his wife Elizabeth Bowie (pictured) intended to take up missionary work out in India, if the Government permitted them to do so. That September the family left for St Colm’s College in Edinburgh, where they would spend 6 months preparing for their missionary work abroad.

Mr McArthur, a cardiology specialist intended to go to a teaching post at Velore Hospital, 100 miles from Madras. He and his wife, who was pregnant in this picture were members of the Stonefield and Burleigh Churches.

Can anybody tell me what became of the family and their proposed adventure of such significant and worthwhile cause?

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Margo Clayton Elizabeth waa my cousin. Unfortunately she died a few years ago. They did go to India and spent a few years there. They had 3 children and lived in Bearsden when they returned. Shona is now a doctor in Dundee. Elizabeth is a relation of yours Paul.
Helen Robb And is John still with us Margo?? if so, I hope he is well. Xxx
Margo Clayton Yes he lives in Lenzie.
The Blantyre Project Thanks Margo. Im sorry to hear about Elizabeth. I forgot sometimes im related to Bowies, but didn’t know this person may be in my tree somewhere. I’ll need to come back to that!
Margo Clayton Her father was George Bowie, cousin of John Bowie,
Sally Jamieson Can anyone of our memebers in St Andrews Parish Church assist with this I wonder…..Lorraine Lorraine Brown?? Not referring to you but someone close to you.x
Lorraine Brown Will ask Mrs Brown Snr later 👍
Marian Maguire I remember both of their mothers well, as I was a homehelp to both off and on they lived in stonefield park pensioners houses. Mrs MacArthur was quite old then and a lovely gracious old lady.


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  1. Hello Dr John Duncan McArthur, as you may have read, your lovely wife was my early sunday school teacher at Stonefield. I was devastated when she got married and left our church as she meant a great deal to all of us. I am so sorry for your loss of her.

  2. Elizabeth Bowie was my sunday school teacher, she was angelic, so patient and kind as a sunday school teacher. I was devastated when we heard she was to be married and go overseas, I thought she was too good for anyone, I just wanted her to stay, although I thought being a missionary was very important work. I went to school with her younger sister at David Livingstone Memorial Primary after Nessie School closed down.

  3. You have already heard from me, Paul. I was in contact over the Duncan family photo on the site.
    I am the Dr McArthur referred to in this post!

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