Copyright Theft, an update

Thought I’d give a little update on my copyright case against Mr S as a few people had asked. My case is prepared, every word and photo now highlighted in his “book” cross referenced against the Blantyre Project uncredited sources where he took it from.

Here’s example #97. (There are 174 examples by the way!). Auchinraith School. 100% Entirely my words, (not a newspaper), but written by me in Inverness whilst away from home. Attached is my book Vol 2 Pages 140 and 141 published 3 years ago. Here’s Sim’s version from his page 241…… I’ll leave you to guess where he got it from! Some of my language is exactly word for word. My solicitor says he’s never seen such a strong case of copyright theft in his career, only as its so blatant and frequent.

This won’t go away without legal intervention. I don’t want credit for it as there’s just too many errors in his book anyway. I want and WILL get full removal of all my words which i think will half his book. He had plenty of chances and his escalation of abusing me by childish name-calling on his page only highlights the mentality of this vile lazy, unknowledgeable, jealous man.

Hamilton Advertiser, i know you reporters follow this page for leads, please feel free to pick up on this story. You have my permission. Drop me a message.

Nobody will take my hard work and research and publish it, thinking they got away with it. However, given his recent abuse, I’d like to OUT him a little more first for what he’s done and what he’s put me through, before legally forcing removal of all my words and photos from his book later this month. (Holidays and wok in the way), It’s imperative he’s legally prosecuted and this is nipped in the bud before publishing anything else of mine. I’m a fair and tolerant man, private at times and usually keep these thoughts to myself. But he’s had loads of chances and crossed too many lines.

There is something that makes me smile though. He’s my best follower! According to my back office, an IP address from his street keeps appearing on this site every single day. Every day. I suppose being trolled is no other higher form of flattery, which makes me smile most days. My spirits were lifted today at a local walk, when somebody told me they call him the BATman. I asked why and was told its a nickname being touted around a local pub …..BATman (Blantyres Ain Theif). I couldn’t help but smile.

Not just me annoyed at this man. In the last 2 months, I’ve had several calls from people he’s upset over his publication. Just last week I had a long telephone conversation with an elderly man who was most upset and disappointed in Sim putting his photos without permission on the cover, never mind using them inside the book, and discussed options on how to deal with it.

Not over by a long shot but it’s time for me to step back and let others sort it on paper. The message is clear, not just from me, but from Blantyre…..FFS man, look at your age, you should know better, have some morals, at least give yourself some self respect or credibility, have a scrap of decency and stop thieving from hard working, decent people and pay for and do the bloody research yourself. You’re creating quite a name for yourself and don’t take my word for it, but its rapidly becoming your legacy.

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Gord Fotheringham go get him paul……
John Daly Seems fair.

Chris Ladds For once I am lost for words – as there are no words that can describe with enough feeling just how low, stupid, and vile this man is.

One wonders what he would possibly hope to ever achieve by wishing to be some sort of local historian when his accrued crimes are so obvious and frequent – and he has copied work wholesale, with anything left over just fantastic mistakes – which are not just embarrassing but anti-historical…..

If you strip away all that is stolen, and all that is incorrect then what is left other than his behaviour? IF he is remembered for anything it will be as a blatant blantyre thief in the history books – and we all know who will write that book! 😉 😀

The Blantyre Project good idea. I would be most interested to know which charity has benefited from June and Julys royalties from my 2 purchases. Im not interested in money, i just dont want my words associated with the guff he posts.
Elaine Holton Just giving page to help you
Anne G Barnshaw I don’t comment on much but this beggars belief! Paul, good will always triumph over evil. It’s appalling that you’ve had to take legal action, all power to you. I love reading this page about my hometown and purchased your books for my parents. My Mum was born in Joanna Terrace and has lived almost her entire life on Glasgow Rd. Long live Blantyre Telegraph xxx
The Blantyre Project I’ll leave this up a short while then remove it later this evening. I won’t have negative stuff posted on this page or be dragged down to his gutter level. I’ll deal with the ongoing issue personally in the background, by proper legal means.
Chris Ladds This is hardly a petty issue and is major enough to be a news and history article in its own right on the subject of a major anti-historical case of Blantyre theft. You are certainly far from his level by posting this and informing the many committed followers of this page.
Carol Boyd It boils down to plagerism.
David Nuttall So glad you are now full steam ahead at getting this twat dealt with you are hard working with nothing but love for Blantyre and it radiates with your posts as well as books. People trust you and will stand with you. Time to make a stand! well done Paul 😊
Betty McLean Sorry to know this Paul I hope you will get it resolved. Your good work has been appreciated and only you should get the credit.
The Blantyre Project I don’t think this other person realises that every time i post a date, or name, that its COST me money, my earned money to find that out. It’s my hobby of course and I dont mind sharing here on the page with a monthly budget to do that, but others jusSee more
Caroline Rundell Hope you get all the royalties from any sales of the book too blx
Gordon Hayburn I am also offended by the spelling errors in the plagiarised book. Hope it gets sorted soon. Good luck with the case.
Terry McMahon I’m glad to see you persevering in righting this wrong, Paul. You’ve generously shared your research and writing with everyone who reads (note – reads) your Blantyre Project. Nobody has any business even quoting without crediting the source. Rule #1 to every student writing essays; we all learned that in school. Didn’t we all?
Eileen Cusack Ansell Yes, good luck with your case.
Kiain Balloch Hope you get this sorted
The Blantyre Project dont worry. it will be. Last time I’ll be posting about this until the outcome. 😉 All good.
Elaine Speirs I am glad you are fighting this. No-one should be able to steal your hard work. We are all behind you.
Johnstone Purdie Jane Absolutely Elaine! Hope you get this sorted, Paul!
The Blantyre Project It needs severed legally. I want nothing to do with such a negative person. He’s my biggest follower too, trolling this page and my site every day according to an IP address for his street. Every single day. No higher form of flattery, which makes me smile on a daily basis.
Louise Mclachlan Love the work you do Paul. Thanks for taking the time to make your page interesting and definitely worth following. Some people need to be called out x
Jessie Caldow I admire and appreciate all the work you do Paul, and wish you all the best to get this issue resolved to your satisfaction.
Garry Lee WOW, how blatant is that? He is actually profiting from your hard work, you must be sick to your stomach Paul. Good luck with this and I can only assume that this will be a quick court case as anyone can quite clearly see what has happened here.
Paul Veverka We have the same publisher. I’ve now reported this and they say they’ll remove any book instantly that copies another customer. May not have to spend money on lawyer after all. Lol
Gail Gillon It must be really upsetting Paul, and I’m glad you will see a swift solution through publisher. Well done.

The Blantyre Project Good to go end of the month when my royalties are paid to cover my legal fees! Lawyers driving me nuts, but I’m now finally ready with case prepared to their satisfaction. I have a 2 copies of his book bought. Both now marked up (1 copy for lawyer, the other for the publisher, as they needed proof of each breach). Pink tabs are all the copyright breaches where my paid research, word for word has been used or where i set traps on my site to snare his use.

Just ignore all the orange tabs, that represents 157 “absolute incorrect tosh” written elsewhere in the book, wrong dates, wrong facts, things that definitely DIDNT happen. its one steaming big insult to Blantyre’s history and I’m legally pursuing the removal of every one of my words on all pink tabbed pages. I want nothing to do with this book. Its just too confusing with wrong dates, wrong names, almost every photo has crazy dates against them, wrong buildings etc. Picture may give you an idea of what i’ve had to put up and how much time I’ve had to spend on this to cross reference each breach to my own sources. Plenty of chances, but this thief now outed is about to pay the price. His writing world is about to collapse with one MASSIVE re-edit about to happen.tick tock…

Update 21/8/17 – on advice from my solicitor to nip the website theft in the bud too, i’m now separately suing for content taken from this website without permission including photos and research intended for my future books. TWO letters going out at once.

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