1967 Matt Boyle Attacked

On the evening of Tuesday 19th September 1967, Matt Boyle, the High Blantyre publican had cashed up at his Main Street pub and was making his way home. He lived at a detached house near Kirkton Cross, which had the name “Parkhurst”, (pictured here in 2007 by Jim Brown)

Matt, born in 1899 was 68 years old at that time and unknown to him, it would be an evening he wouldn’t forget.

Knowing that he’d cashed up, several assailants hid in the bushes in Matts’ driveway laying in wait. Their intention was to steal.

Under cover of darkness the assailants pounced trying to snatch the considerable sum of money that Matt was carrying upon him. Bravely putting up a fight, Matt ended up being terribly assaulted and despite being beaten, badly bruised and dazed, made it into his home.

The doctor was called and subsequently an ambulance had to take him to Hairmyres Hospital where he was kept in for a time. The thieves had made off with his money and there are no further stories of arrests being ever being made.

Matt’s (lovely stone detached) home was demolished in May 2008 to make way for Lomond View flats.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Sally Jamieson Such a shame it was demolished. Would have been beautiful if it been bought and restored.
Helen Robb That’s a damn shame, poor Matt. Bad enough being assaulted, but to attack a 68 year old man, that’s beyond low. I hope as the years have gone by, the assailants carry a lot of guilt for what they done to him. Shame on them big time. Xxx
Ainsley Johnston Carol Johnston that’s that wee house we liked in high Blantyre Main Street down from the cornerstone 😁. It got knocked down to make those flats.
The Blantyre Project did Matt have a bad leg? I recently was told he had a limp and wondered if it was a result of being attacked.
Sandra Boyle No problem Paul…My husband Matthew Boyle has quite a good memory !!
Nicola Crowe loved that house
dunno why
would have been nice to see it restored
Alan Baird his son was an invalid paul
Marianne Stark Aitken Blantyre project this house was restored again in recent years before it was demolished wasn’t it ?
The Blantyre Project only partially.
Marianne Stark Aitken ahhh I thought that …… such a sad demise 😔
Marian Maguire Such a shame to demolish such a lovely house, it had such a lovely garden full of wildlife.
Thomas Barrett My grandad was a very good friend of Matt. Even when he sold the pub would come in every Saturday and buy the pensioners a drink true gent.
The Blantyre Project I have heard of his good character often too.
John Breen Interesting Paul
I was unsure if Matt was a real person
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Billy Campbell It was the first pub my dad took me in.
Jim Cochrane Sadly it was burnt down so that they could demolish it to use the land to build flats
Johnstone Purdie Jane I remember hearing about this at the time….
Catherine Murphy This was a beautiful house my youngest daughter Geraldine loved this house she would say why don’t we buy that house it lay empty for so long still miss it not being there it was in the character of High Blantyre

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