1967 Pillar Box Fire


Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 11.36.35On the evening of 14th September 1967 residents were alarmed to see smoke coming from the letterbox of the mail pillarbox at the bottom of Stonefield Road. Police and the fire brigade were called but could do nothing until they contacted postal workers at the post office.

A local postman opened the box, which by now had flames pouring out the sides and thick smoke billowing from the top. Mail was alight, much of it destroyed, and telling, a piece of smouldering charred wood and spent matches still inside. The damaged letter were removed to the post office to see what could be salvaged and police began an enquiry looking for the vandals.

That postbox is still in the same position today.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Bruce Baldwin There were a few pillar box incidents lol the 2 I remember was 1 when kids put 1 of those large bangers in the box at priory bridge and as Micheal Cain would say “THEY BLEW THE BLOODY DOOR OFF”
Bruce Baldwin The other one was when somebody pinched yes pinched the box on the Glasgow rd at springwell .. just a big hole in ground lol
The Blantyre Project talk about stealing the Queen’s Mail! lol. Hope they got the thief. Theft always needs to be made publicly accountable. I can imagine that postbox now sitting in somebodys back garden as an ornament.
Gord Fotheringham And I was not in Britain at that time…..phew……I was usually blamed for everything…..
The Blantyre Project i cant believe for a second you would get up to mischief Gord!
Charlotte Ogilvie It was my dad that went to open the box he was the head postman in Blantyre post office. Police used to come quite regularly to our house for postboxes going on fire or the alarm going off at the post office his name was Andy Murphy.
Bruce Baldwin When I was there Charlotte Ogilvie the PHG key holder was Bill Mcglynn and as a driver I was the one sent with keys to empty it .
Bobby Mckean It’s going to be a very interesting book and just about at the right time generationally

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