Blantyre 450 Exhibition ends

IMG_2890What a week it’s been for Blantyre History! Today, saw the final day in a fantastic week of celebrating not just the history of Blantyre Old Parish, but of Blantyre itself.

Marking the 450th anniversary of Blantyre Old Parish, a collection of local history was brought together using as many available sources of Blantyre history as possible.

The FREE local history exhibition saw many thousands of photos all on display of people, buildings and events in Blantyre over the last Century or so, all collected in one place in the High Blantyre Old Parish Church Halls. It was a once only opportunity for people all over Blantyre to see Blantyre’s history in such abundance! Many people came back twice for a second look.

Even with my own collection of history items, I was astonished at the wealth of new, (old) photos of Blantyre, a corner of the exhibition that proved very popular. The large photo book volumes packed with masses of old Blantyre photos were a huge hit with visitors. It’s with sincere thanks to Gordon Cook and organisers that I was permitted to take some photos of a several things, indeed enough to keep me busy posting here with  new online material for months!

Speaking of Gordon, he’s done some fantastic work in pulling this together along with the Church and hall staff. He’s an incredible font of knowledge and was “on tap” for any questions from visitors. It was wonderful meeting so many people throughout our community, including some I haven’t seen for several decades!

The event was well advertised in local newspapers and on Facebook and subsequently was well attended, particularly the evening sessions.

There was no way I could get through the sheer volume of items and how amazing it was to see some old artefacts brought out especially to be put on display. I left feeling quite overwhelmed, not just at the scale of the exhibition which had so many wonderful stands, but at just how much, truly there is STILL to write about Blantyre.


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