1967 Harper’s Central Garage


IMG_1452A nostalgic advert for Harpers, Central Garage in Glasgow Road. From March 1967, the garage clearly sold new cars, as this advert shows, advertising the new mini.

Can you remember Harpers Garage or did you even ever buy a car there?

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Moyra Lindsay One day I got off the bus form school and there it was in the window of their showroom …a mini. Not sure of the year, somewhere between 58-60?. I got one in 1971 eventually. In the end it just fell to bits!
John Bulloch Wife used to work there
John Cornfield My Father in law Brian McLaughin owned it at 1 point he also owned a haulage business and an undertakers business he was a very nice guy 💔
Mary Boyle Staff were very loyal to customers during the 1970 petrol rationing. My Father wouldn’t buy petrol from any other garage.
Thomas Barrett Remember it well walked past it every day going to school.
John Berry Tht wus the garage at bottom of craig st.
Stephen Speirs don’t remember this one but used to live around the corner from Smith’s garage in High Blantyre – which is now a nursery I think.
Carol Crombie Dad served his time here
Valerie Krawczyk The garage was managed by Willie Richardson, his wife Peggy and her sister Isa worked in the office.
The Blantyre Project Valerie Krawczyk did relations of this family then start the garage further along Glasgow Road near Stonefield Road junction? Sorry, i had a wee update to amend in my records due to this. Ta.
Edith Bulloch a different Richardson.
Edith Bulloch I worked in it in the early 70s with the Richadsons Isa second name was Macmillan.
Edith Bulloch i worked there in the early 70s.
Victor Stewart Got punctures fixed there was next to dentists and on Glasgow road along from and across road from Blantyre gazette newspaper
Edith Bulloch The dentist became Orestis chip shop I worked there as well.
Victor Stewart You fixed my puncture and gave me fish and chips !!!! Hope you washed your hands .How is new car ?? 😀
Edith Bulloch I wish. Funnily enough Willie richardson said it was OK for me to work in the chip shop as long as I didn’t come to work smelling of fish. Lol
Edith Bulloch When I worked in Harpers I was robbed on Sept weekend and the high Blantyre garage at the time was robbed as well. Phone police and it took them half an hour to get from victoria street two hundred yard away. Lol not funny at the time.
Stiofan Gallcobair I remember visiting Blantyre as a kid, and seeing Mini cars. It wasn’t until the 1990s that I started seeing them in the states.
Matthew McGuigan I remember it well. I used to pass it every morning and afternoon on my way to and from St.Joseph’s primary school from our house in Craig St. But it was Austin/Morris 1000’s then well before the mini I’m afraid. Still, it was where I developed my love for cars. I remember being sent there in winter to buy pink or blue paraffin too. 🙂

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  1. Hi I started work in Harpers in1959 and served my time as an apprentice motor engineer, which in those days took five years to do. The garage had another two directors along with W. Richardson, the Haddow’s who had there dentist surgery near by the garage. They also owned a garage in Bothwell called Central garage which is still there today but now a small Grocery store, brings back a lot of good memories for me!

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