1967 Parkville Roadhouse Advert


1967 Parkville Roadhouse

An advert appeared in local press in 1967 for the Parkville  Roadhouse, Glasgow Road. A rather wordy advert, but sharing plenty of information. Offering wedding receptions, the Parkville, just like today, was clearly a popular venue for wedding celebrations, boasting at the time of the function suite that could accommodate 160 people.

Can you remember the Parkville in this era or able to tell me more about James Donnelly, the former manager.

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Hari Docherty Memories, as a teenager in 60’s my mate , the son of the manager got us gigs working in the cloakroom at weddings and dances, we took out empties and other odd jobs.
Elizabeth Lovatt remember the Parkville …. went to a few night outs there
Isabel Mcneily My sister Betty Clarkin had her wedding reception there 50+ years ago
Vanessa Murray James Donnelly was my grandpa!
Elizabeth Smith I remember attending a SNP dance there for Winnie Ewing. I was about 14 so must have been about 69. My hubby who I was going out with came too, courtesy of my parents. He won a raffle present …a pinny….he was embarrassed and gave it to his gran. Lol
Scott Murray Jimmy Donnelly was my dad……..My name is Kathleen Murray nee. Donnelly and this is my husband’s FB page..Dad managed the Parkville from late 1966 till about 1972. The family lived above and many a great time was had there…maybe some of my siblings will have more to say. My sister had her wedding reception in the Parkville…
Elizabeth Biswell Hi Kathleen
Do you have a sister Colleen. She was in my class at St Joseph’s and I remember going upstairs to your house with her.😊
Scott Murray Yes Elizabeth, Colleen is my sister. she now lives in Bothwell.
Aileen Hamilton My wedding reception in 1971 was here!
Gordon Mather Remember the Donnelly family back then, James son ( his name – Bernard ??) kicked about with us in the dandy , very early 70’s we were about 7 ish good days and good memories, the days when you left the house AM returning in the evening to get food
Colleen Letham think you mean Mark
Gordon Mather Colleen thanks for that it was Mark, I was thinking of another old friend from Coatshill Ave B Docherty
Gordon Mather Your correct

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