1967 Windows Smashed


glass-repair-broken-windowDuring mid September 1967, over a 4 day period over half a dozen shops had their plate glass windows broken during the night, with displays in the shops windows made off with!

Windows were smashed at six shops. A patrolling police officer was dispatched one Wednesday evening but even then, a footwear shop was targeted with the loss of several pairs of shoes.

The following night saw the Co-op premises at 123 Glasgow Road broken into. The window smashed and in the grab, some hardware items taken from the display. On the same night the grocery store at 243 Glasgow Road was also broken into, but strangely nothing taken, perhaps the thieves were disturbed?

On the Friday evening 227 Glasgow Road’s emporium was broken into , kettles and other hardware made off with. Several other police officers were deployed that weekend to hide on Glasgow Road in wait of any night intruders.

However, that evening on the Saturday, the thieves were at the Village at Ulva Place and smashed a store window there, moving later to Castle Vaults. Police had suspicions that it was vandals or youths rather than robbers, for at the last 2 incidents again nothing was taken.

During those times before alarmed premises or any CCTV, the vandals and thieves on these incidents appear to have “gotten away with it.”

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017


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