1967 Lodge Livingstone night out


Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 12.56.25Blantyre’s Lodge Livingstone 599 on a night out in Hamilton Town Hall during September 1967. Do you recognise anybody?

On Blantyre Project Social media, used with permission here, strictly not for use on any other website or publication:

Moyra Lindsay Mr and Mrs Bert Gourlay.
Paul Veverka From Stonefield Crescent?
Kevin M Best Does anyone know if this Lodge still exists?
Moyra Lindsay Paul Veverka I think so. I knew them from Anderson church. I remember that whenever they had a celebration like golden wedding there had to be no presents. They opened an account and money could be paid in for a charity.
Iain Lambie Yes still going. Hall next to apollo shared with High Blantyre
Stephen Morley Iain Lambie – blast from the past! Hope you are well.
David Baillie I think my grandfather was there Andrew baillie
Thomas Barrett Celebrating the Lisbon Lions.
John Tierney 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lorraine Brown My gran & grandad …….. Jean & George Kinnen
Rab Straiton My Dad & Mum. My Dads uncle Dave with his wife Peggy. Barry ( the baker)and Margaret Douglas
Fiona Wellard That’s a blast from the past Rab….I’m almost sure that looks like my mam 2 rows back, what d’you think ?
Orlando Ancilotti Is that your mum and dad on the front row?
Rab Straiton Fiona, does look like your Mam but I’ll ask my Dad to be sure.
Yes Orlando, my wee Ma and Da.
Patrick Sanaghan Don’t see the pope is he the one taking the picture.
John Thomas Robert reckons that’s uncle billy 2 in from left in 2nd front row with his papa just in front
Anne Marie Thomas Mum says Uncle Billy wasnt 599 and Uncle Wullie wasnt in the masons x
John Thomas But looks like them?
Anne Marie Thomas It does. She said Mr Gourlay
Mark Spaulding Bruce Rounds front and center
Ean Brown I do indeed David Straiton Pm 599 and Pgm Lanarkshire Middle Ward

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