1948 Family of Helen Williams


19911810_10212922173266557_1520081444_oHelen Williams shared this photo in back in July this year.

She writes, “The above photo is my Mum with my brother Jimmy and sister Janet, they lived at 23 Maxwell crescent High Blantyre. I think the photo is dated 1948-49 as the wee boy in the photo was born 1944. Not sure where its taken, possibly Glasgow or Hamilton, I don’t think it’s Blantyre.”

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Helen Williams Can anyone identify where she is in this photo?
Robert J Paton It looks like it could be Rothesay on the Isle of Bute – I think thats the old Lorne Hotel in the background
Jim Aire Rothesay seafront
Letitia Mitchell amazing photo helenxx
Moyra Lindsay Rothesay hasn’t changed much!
Cherie McBride My mum lived at number 15 maxwell crescent.
Helen Williams What was your mothers name Cherie?
Cherie McBride Margaret Connor. She is one of 8 children. Born 1937. She will be 80 this year.
Moira Mulvaney Pacheco I was born in 34 Maxwell Cres.
Elizabeth Weaver I love the light summer clothes and shoes (the mother and daughter) and the wee boy carrying his beach ball. A trip down the Clyde coast was an exciting thing back then, just after the war.
Hannah Mcaleenan brilliant photo helen x


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