5 New Blantyre Streets Named

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 19.12.13It would be difficult not to have noticed how quickly the new, private homes are going up at Greenhall Village, High Blantyre. With the first new tenants expected to move in by October and others for Christmas this year, the development of over 190 luxurious houses sees a significant additional area of Blantyre housing being added to.


This is a development close to my own home and as such I took an interest in what’s happening. Even more so when, back in September 2016, Avant Homes contacted me for a meeting, inviting me to come along and make some suggestions for the name of their Village and the name of their new streets. I felt honoured in capacity as a Blantyre history enthusiast to offer some ideas.

Avant were keen for historical names that meant something to the area, rather than going down the route of normal housebuilders (who often just choose pretty names for marketing purposes). It was important to them that the names had to be appropriate to the history of the area. Earlier in the year, I was pleased to learn my suggestion of ‘Greenhall’ being used in the development name was upheld, given the fields were once part of the Greenhall Estate for many hundreds of years, despite proximity to Shott.

However, I was absolutely stunned and thrilled to learn yesterday, Sunday 27th August 2017 from official sources that my names for the streets were ALSO all now approved by the developer and Planning and as such the names of 5 new streets in High Blantyre can be exclusively revealed here!

The Development is split into an upper level and lower, separated by a large retaining wall. The upper level new streets will be:

LADY NANCY CRESCENT – Named after the upper fields across the motorway overlooking down on to the new homes.

LAW KNOWES GARDENS –Β an old name, called after a field belonging to Greenhall Estate and where Urns and items of antiquity were once found.

The lower level new streets will be :

SHOTT FARM WYND – For obvious reasons to the proximity of the house and enclosure.

SMITHYCROFT WAY – In recognition of the former 1777 cottage and land beside the church.

ARCHERSCROFT PLACE – recognising an ancient name in High Blantyre and acknowledging overlooking the Salveson Estate built on former Archers Croft fields, where once archery was practiced.

I hope I picked some good names and certainly I feel they mean something to Blantyre’s history in relation to the lands that the homes are now being built upon. I’m chuffed to bits!

Attached are some pictures I took on Sunday and some promotional pictures for their lovely houses.


Gary Strachan Really nice looking homes, I just can’t understand why people would pay all that money when every time you look out the window you will see pilons.
Marian Maguire Yes Paul the names are very fitting, I’m glad to see someone with Blantyre at their heart getting to put in suggestions instead of streets being named after local councillors, no offence intended, but some of the street names would put me off buyingSee more
Lorraine Fagan What an honour! Well done – you must be thrilled.
Colin Warwickshire well done to you sir its nice to see the developers taking you on board
Margaret Gallacher Lovely names, can you clarify something for me I live in Armour Court famously known as you said the Salveson Estate, but when I bought my house I was told it was Greenhall Park Estate I know Salveson was the builder, can anyone clarify this
The Blantyre Project Ive always known these homes as the Salveson Homes, but would love to know if they are called Greenhall Park Estate! Thats much nicer! Wonder if anybody uses that address?
Alex Orr I lived in Armour Ct and I also knew it as Greenhall Park Estate.
Jack Bethel Greenhall Park Estate is the correct name. Salvesen were the builders. A bit like Priory Bridge being known as the Wimpey’s and Greenhall Village as the Avant houses.
Paul Veverka Jack Bethel thanks ! Every day is a school day. I’ve added a note about this for future. Lived beside them half my life and never knew that!
Margaret Slaven Mc Sorley So any one of these council built ?
The Blantyre Project no. This was private land sold to a private developer. I think the council announced a large programme of council homes though (just before the local elections there). Hopefully council homes will be built again in Blantyre soon. Seems many people are waiting for that to happen.
Chazz Michael Michaels Ashleigh Henderson ‘they’ll make lovely homes’
Gail Gillon You are right to feel chuffed and proud Paul. If ever anyone deserved to choose names for Blantyre then you are the man. Your passion and love for your wee town is evident for all to see and I salute your wisdom and tenacity for extolling it’s many virtues. Gaun yersel!
Margot Chisholm Francine Caldwell…
Aileen Hamilton Well done Paul!
Fiona MacFarlane Great names! Stupidly over-priced homes tho.
Glad they’ve taken your suggestions on board!
Debra Rouse Great names Paul , that’s fab getting to do that πŸ˜„x
Mary Gemmell Sutherland Great names and hopefully some of the new homeowners will dauner doon to the Kirk! Hope the new houses are happy homes 🏑
Fiona Lees Im surprised they didnt try to call them Crossbaskets or Castle estate and shove the prices up another few thousand….reminiscent of parts of Whitehill suddenly becoming ‘Lower Bothwell’ πŸ˜‚
Eleanor Connor Don’t like the Pylons as bein’ central to the “village “……… πŸ’š πŸ’›
Paul Whitters Great news Paul. Well done πŸ‘πŸ»
Paul Whitters Paul Veverka all your hard work mate and glad it paid off. Thanks for putting so much into it – was genuinely appreciated. New job going very well, thank you. Hope you’re keeping well!
Jessie Caldow Love the names!
Linda Mccaig Who was lady Nancy?
Linda Mccaig Thank you. I live next to those fields.
Chris Ladds A little girl used to play around Law Knowes – a sickly child – and so the bing was named after her. This is a great achievement Paul – and the names are understated and sophisticated – well done.

Law Knowes were several tumuli of the Bronze Age within the corner of the field that took their name. Some fragments of the Kist slabs remain among nearby rubble. It was placed as an equinox ancestor cult burial. Something not well written about and Paul’s naming further perpetuates the memory of a very special prehistoric site. πŸ˜ƒ

Jim Mccoll i feel sorry for anyone moving to a new home at this location, proximity to the expressway, but mostly the danger from electro magnetic radiation from the overhead power lines.
MariΓ¨ Rodwell There’s a smithy croft in Hamilton. .. may coz some confusion
Paul Veverka Hopefully not. Blantyre’s was there first and needs remembered. These new streets will all be High Blantyre, Greenhall Village addresses. πŸ˜‰

Henry Hambley Very good choice of names for this new estate. My recollection of it is green fields on either side of the the East Kilbride road. Occasionally saw a fox in the fields.


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