Pastor Leslie Roberts


1952 Nazarene Church BlantyrePastor Leslie Roberts was a former Pastor at the Nazarene Church in Elm Street.

Originally from Ikleston, Derbyshire, England, Leslie was a wrestler before he found the clergy. His grandson David Thomson commented, “He was an strong as an ox and used to bend 6 inch nails with his bare hands!”

Leslie was in Blantyre at the Nazarene Church in 1945 and married Elizabeth Conquer (widowed as Paterson) in Blantyre on 21st December 1947.

Leslie and Elizabeth had each been married before, widowed, Leslie having lost his first wife 2 years earlier in 1945. Elizabeth had been a widow for some 14 years and had a son and daughter from her first marriage. She later lost a son Lauchlan, aged 10.

Following a move to Dublin, Leslie moved back to Blantyre and stayed here for many years at Welsh Drive still involved with the Nazarene in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. Leslie was also a published poet, his book “Heavenly Echoes” still available.

He is buried in High Blantyre.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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John Connelly My Grandparents lived at 20 Elm St until 1973 by which time they had both died. I remember visiting them often even after we moved to England. David and Annie Mckenzie. I still miss them. 🙂
Margaret Elma Griffin I live approx 15 miles away from where Pastor Leslie Roberts came from it actually spelt Ilkeston a small town 5 miles from Derby
Anne Mackie Thank you You do find out the most interesting things xxxx
The Blantyre Project with lots of help from all you kind people!
Betty McLean I stayed with them in Morley when a teenager, became ill and they took great care of me. His wife was my aunt Nellies bridesmaid. I have his book. Wonderful couple.
Samuel Rodger Yes Mr Roberts stayed next door to my sister Chrissie Flynn (ne Rodger)

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