Blantyre Oscars 2017

Blantyre Oscars – is a new charitable annual event held every March.

The inaugural annual event took place on Saturday 25th March 2017 at Carrigans in Broompark Road. Organised and hosted by me (!)Paul Veverka of Croftfoot, High Blantyre.

Many local businesses came together as sponsors for the fantastic charitable evening where £600 was raised for cancer charities and a further £600 to help organise the summer gala. No expense though was spared otherwise getting a right balance between fundraising and enjoyment to ensure all 170 guests were treated to a wonderful, luxurious evening. The event was part of Blantyre Telegraph’s main fundraiser of the year and looks set to become a highly anticipated evening each year.

Organised between October 2016 and February 2017, a total of 15 nominees were chosen over 5 categories celebrating everything from local community work, bravery, talent and kindess. A short nomination video was created for each nominee and using a central website, over 6,500 people took part in voting for their local favourites during February 2017. The event created quite a buzz with tickets selling out within a fortnight of release. Voting was anonymous and the winners were kept a closely guarded secret not announced until the actual event.

The winners chosen by the public were:

Category: Music & Entertainment. Sponsored by: Redburn Farm.
Nominees: Rosco McLelland, Emma Grace Conway, Mya McDade.

Category: Youth Organisations. Sponsored by: Blantyre Project.
Nominees: Terminal One, Hyper Cyber, Blantyre Soccer Academy.

Category: Environmental Pride. Sponsored by: Family Shopper.
Nominees: John Dunsmore, Blantyre Community Woodland, Friends of the Calder. Winners: JOHN DUNSMORE.

Category: Inspirational Individuals. Sponsored by: Merchant Services Broker.
Nominees: Ciarha McKay, John Paul Doyle, Mason Bruce.

Category: Heroism & Kindness. Sponsored by: Paula Veverka Photography.
Nominees: Gail Gillon, Dougie Stevenson, James Alexander.

Overall winner 2017: Mason Bruce.

Congratulations were afforded to the winners with certificates and trophies. 10 runners up each collected a certificate and medal.

Many businesses donated a raffle prize. There was a fantastic raffle, notably with 4 smartwarches won, a £350 holiday won by the Hutton Family and a new Apple Ipad from Morrison Construction won by a young lady from Terminal One.

Thanks were given to Carrigans staff for their assistance especially those working behind the scenes to prepare the incredible buffet. Catering was bought for all 170 people at the venue and even with people having seconds it was just perfect.

Further thanks were given to sponsors Candelina Yankee Store, Gavin Watson Printers and Molly’s Mops for sponsoring further tables. Thanks were offered to Gavin Watson for making the banners and to Gail Gillon for supplying the beautiful balloons. Thanks were given to Redburn Farm for supplying some props and to Julie Morris Highland dancers. Carrigans themselves made the venue look stunning providing candelabra and seat covers for such a professional look. People were simply awestruck coming into the room.

Further thanks were given to Michael McGlynn and Susan Lindner Kelly for taking up positions at the door at the start to guide people to seats. With thanks also to the DJ, The Naked Feedback, Councillor Mo Razzaq, Margaret Ferrier MP, and Claire Haughey MSP for presenting some of the awards and raffle prizes, which was somewhat sprung upon some of them. Thanks to Fiona Brown for providing 170 complimentary drinks upon arrival. Thank you to Karen Scott, the amazing photographer.

Finally, a thank you to Arlene Green, Rose Lee and Holly Rouse for going round and selling so many raffle tickets. Everybody enjoyed the event thoroughly, especially the dancing after 10pm.

Blantyre Oscars 2018 will be held on Saturday 24th March 2018 at the same venue. Voting and tickets will commence in February 2018.

On social media:

Margaret Lindner Looking forward to it .
The Blantyre Project what a brilliant time i had at this. Glad it was well received. 2018 promises to be absolutely amazing too!
Susan Lindner No Facebook live next year – I’m still getting slagged for my dancing in this years video! 💃 Isn’t that right James Devine! Seriously though, big well done to you Paul, it was a brilliant night! 👏👏
The Blantyre Project
The Blantyre Project Susan Lindner thank you. Without even having to be asked you spent the good part of the early evening organising all the guests to their seats, whilst i ironed out my IT problems before the start!. Much appreciated.
Elizabeth Dobson Grieve Who nominates the groups for each category
The Blantyre Project me! Via Blantyre Telegraph. I try to engage as many diverse topics within the community as i can. Ultimately though, it is a public decision with the community of Blantyre as whole deciding who the worthy winners are via votes. Many thousands of people took part in the first vote, and I have ways this time of engaging many more, even outside Blantyre.
Elizabeth Dobson Grieve Thanks Paul. Was going to recommend someone but their work is throughout Lanarkshire although they live local. Also I would be biased in my recommendation

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