Crossbasket Ceremony Hall – Externals


IMG_2190A new building opened in April 2017 in High Blantyre behind Crossbasket Castle. Built throughout Winter 2016 and Spring 2017, a special purpose built wedding ceremony hall has been added to the rear of the castle on grounds that were once the former greenhouses.


The function of the hall is to provide a welcoming, attractive and luxurious building for couples to get married in, meaning both wedding and reception can be self contained in the grounds of Crossbasket Estate, without having to leave.


The new hall seats over 200 people comfortably and is built of block, stone clad to match the adjacent Roosevelt Grand Ballroom and the adjacent castle. Although the building is non denominational it still has a slightly religious feel due to the arched door and style of the windows, which are in keeping with the arches throughout Crossbasket.  The entrance way is made of timber, carved in fine detail and the whole externals are immaculately kept, a fine surrounding for any wedding.

To the rear is a hardstanding facing North, high above on the terrace overlooking the River Calder and falls below.

See Crossbasket Ceremony Hall – Internals for more.


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Marian Maguire Beautiful.
James Stirling what a transformation, i remember it being a run down shack
The Blantyre Project this was the location of the old outbuildings at the back, now of course gone. The building courtyard has a high vantage point above the falls.
Margaret Mcdade Stunning .

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