Bothwell Bridge


Bothwell bridge edwardianThese images show Bothwell Bridge in Edwardian times. Taken around 1900, they show the bridge colourised. A sleepy rural scene, prior to trams, prior to motorised vehicles, a horse being watered at the river.

The other colourised lantern slide is perhaps ever so slightly older.

Finally, a Bothwell Masonic Penny shows the older bridge, which once was significantly more steep, with a tower and portcullis on it, dating back to the 14th Century. The penny may be inaccurate for it shows 5 arches ,rather than the presumed 4 often shown in other engravings.

Whilst the bridge is outwith Blantyre Parish, the boundary is the stream in the foreground, where the boys are playing beside the horse, and so I thought it worth showing.

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