1981 Bothwell Bridge & A725


These excellent photos from Gordon Cook show the completion of the East Kilbride Expressway at Bothwell Bridge.

Taken in 1981 into 1982, the photos show the completed new A725 concrete cantilevered bridge that we know so well today, leading down to the Raith Interchange.

This saw the A725 fully joined up between Raith and East Kilbride for the first time and assisted taking traffic off the very busy Bothwell Bridge. Perhaps something like the huge improvement at Raith thats just taken place, this work in 1981 was greatly welcomed removed congestion from Low Blantyre and hugely improved commuting time for many people.

With the Clydeview Shopping Centre Built, a new Sports Centre and the demolition of many old tenements, the early 1980’s felt like a progressive leap into the future for people in Blantyre.

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