1959 Village Gate houses


1959 Gatehouses at Village wm

Hopefully this is the first time you’ve seen this picture. Its of the former two gate houses, spanning either side of Station Road at the entrance to “The Village”.

Photographed in 1959, the gatehouses are no longer there. Both were still lived in during 1959 and even by then had been standing for well over 100 years.

Can you remember the gatehouses?

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The Blantyre Project walking or driving between these properties must have really felt like “entering the village.”
Christine Wallace Were the once gatehouses to an estate or really to the old village itself?
The Blantyre Project well yes to both questions. Monteiths Estate incorporated the village, the mills and all of Blantyre Works. The Village was essentially through these properties, but since the removal of the gates and gateposts in 1903, and indeed the subsequent demoliSee more
John Breen I don’t remember them but the village has so many mysteries the grave yard at the back of the vbar
Livvie’s and Livingston himself
The Clyde BriggSee more
The Blantyre Project good walkways there now too, with Clyde walkway.
Jeanette Allardyce Ward The village to me is from when you go over the rail bridge. I remember going down to an
Old Cemetery with David Livingstone Primary to take rubbings of old grave stones. Are they still down there?
The Blantyre Project some of the stones from that former Cemetery are now in the David Livingstone Centre grounds.
Michael Mcginley I Remember the gatehouses, Semple stayed on the left as you enter the village and I think tommy Muir stayed .on the right before he built the the bungalow behind it
Christine Donald The Semple’s were my in-laws and the toll house I first met Stan Semple in 1957. The toll house as known, belonged to the coal board and they were a mining family. My son Stanley (Stan) in your comments list. I was from Rutherglen and liked station road in the village.
Christine Donald Over the bridge and toll house was on left as seen lady passing fence in photo. Family moved to house scheme 60’s . The coal board demolished toll houses and today would have been conservation kept. The gates i saw in project removed centuries ago and placed somewhere ? (History local Blantyre project)


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