Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 21.27.00Airdville – The name of a large semi detached house at Woodburn Avenue, in the highly desirable area near the railway station.

Mr. Donald MacLeay owned it and lived in it from around 1900 right thought until his death in 1923. Afterwards, it passed to his son, Donald Junior. The house is thought to have dated to approximately 1900 and Donald Senior may have been the first resident there, possibly its constructor.

It is sandstone built, one and a half storeys high with dormer windows. The house is very similar to the adjacent house to the east. In 1901 in the census, Donald McLeay was with his wife Margaret and family of 4 children, all born in Blantyre, the eldest being 9 years old. The McLeay family had previously lived at Forrest Street.

Between 1925 an 1930, the house was given address 25 Woodburn Avenue. The house is still there today.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Eleanor Connor This site is brilliant. ..have said it before.The info is so interesting. Thanks once again. .. πŸ’š πŸ’›
Rab Graham I lived next to Woodburn Avenue in maglaculin buildings from 1950 till 1964
Archie Peat If I remember rightly this property backs on to the railway line !!
William Mullen archie mckay (we called him sir!) stayed along abit
Hugh Sugar Kelly He was a teacher at the joes
Gord Fotheringham No lip to big Archie…..
Kenny Eve Was it ever just one large house?
Ross Pollock That’s Ma auld hoose oan the left but it’s not number 25 lol
Ross Pollock It’s 13 Woodburn avenue
Marian Maguire Archie mackay lived in Woodburn ave, he was a teacher at St. Josephs.
Carol Pollock This is our old family home it is 13 Woodburn ave, we bought from the McKay family in 1997 -2016 they had lived there from around 1940 I believed lots of very happy memories 🏑x
The Blantyre Project did or does number 13 have a house name? Always interested in matching up addresses to house names.
not to my knowledge.

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