1970 Blantyre boys at the Fair



Pictured here outside the Fairground are Blantyre boys circa 47 years ago. Around 1970, are Eddie Campell, Denis Gilluley, Eddie Davison, John mcNeill and Terry Brolly.

(John McNeil was one of the doormen in Rascals along with his brother Lexi in the 80’s)
Photo Courtesy of Paul Eddie Green.

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Sian Jones Betty Mcneill, one to show hubby.
Arlene Campbell That’s a fantastic photograph
Gerard Brolly Kayla Brolly can you spot granda in this picture?
Grace Mcneill is John mc neill from halfway
Betty Brown 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️
Maureen Law Eddie green?
Elizabeth Daley that’s a great photo
Bobby Orr Mick Brolly your da? Far right
Liz Smith Shared it so lexi can see it x
Linda Marshall Erin show this to ur dad…x
Laura Bush Lynn Rossi show Pete this
Lynn Rossi Pete didn’t recognise them I told him who it was and he looked again
Anne Grogan Lexi went to school with me, he was a bit if a bully.
William Campbell thats john
Lex Mc Neill I Neva went to school with you.and if you can’t say anything bout people when they was young that’s good then don’t say anything at all. Sad
Lex Mc Neill That last reply was meant to you .i don’t even no you .how dare you say anything bout me .
Kenny Mac Remember Lexi well, I got a broken jaw because some how I was associated with the gang he ran with !!!! Wrong

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  1. Hi. I am Dennis Gilluleys daughter! Great photo! My dad says he’s the best looking one there;)

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