Blantyre’s Ain Copyright theft

copyright-theftInitial anger has now turned to bitter disappointment in ‘ainother Blantyre person for publishing a small paperback book this week with MY Blantyre dialogue and researched narrative without my permission. Having spent a few evenings “reading it”, I don’t know where to start. From my mum’s pictures appearing, my scans, my discoveries and detail information that I know for 110% that I made effort to discover. Worse still, I’m truly appalled to see some of MY own scripted words I wrote online or in my books being passed off as those of a deceased Blantyre historian in the most sneaky, low and vile effort to avoid crediting me with writing it. Of sheer disgust i can point out several places where he’s done this. I’m sick to the pit of my stomach at such dishonour to me and auld Jimmy.

Almost every image is without any credit whatsoever to me buying the images or spending years of effort in writing the descriptions against them. Incredibly, he’s included online images from people who shared exclusively only on Blantyre Project that I wasn’t permitted to publish even in my own books! Those picture owners are FURIOUS! It is THE utmost cheek and illegal in the eyes of Scots Law to publish the work of others without acknowledgment.

The images themselves, taken from Blantyre Project’s website are photoshopped with a different sky in a vain attempt to make them look different and haven’t translated well to print as he wasn’t able to scan the actual original images. Not one mention of Blantyre Project or Paul Veverka in the WHOLE book, leaves me unfortunately in a position to report a serious copyright breach to our common sales outlet online.

I extend an open invitation to Mr Sim to reply in public and dare him to deny any of this, when i can so readily show and prove it.

It pains me to write this so publicly but I put up with this intellectual property theft for years online, ignoring it as there’s more to life than his hobby website….. But this isn’t handbags at dawn….it is THEFT in the most horrible manner as my content is written for charitable purposes.

ACTUALLY publishing MY words, discoveries and literature under HIS own name is a line HUGELY crossed and a gross error of judgement. I feel its my duty, (not through sour grapes), but as the VICTIM of his shady, jealousy fuelled enterprise to point it out to all 13,000 of my website visitors.

IMG_2745Meantime, I have marked up his entire book as evidence to all, showing in pink all the words and 143 photos he has taken from Blantyre Project, in orange 257 inaccurate simply wrong facts and in yellow 15 downright lies and deliberate attempts to mislead readers. Green, will be comments of others used without permission, taken from Blantyre Project social media comments.

I will NOT tolerate copyright theft even in one sentence, let alone throughout a whole book. Blantyre will hear much more about this despicable, vile effort.


  1. Hi Paul. Some years ago a journalist published a book about the Clydebank 1941 Blitz., In the first hardback book he had taken chunks of dialogue from the Clydebank peoples own book of stories of those who lived during the blitz, Suitable outrage from aggrieved bankie folk ensued. Around 50 pages were deleted and replaced with “new” material in the paperback version. In my own case I hold the copywrite on photos of 12 years of publication of a local Glasgow newspaper in the mid 1970s. A considerable number have appeared without my permission on the “net” and other areas. A lawyers letter to get the ball rolling would be my way in the first instance.

  2. You must sue the guy! You have enough proof. Or it will just go on and on.

  3. im used to it Evelyn. Other people are now too. Its probably why theres so little interest. Lots of doors open to me this week for taking action now my comments and narrative and research are finally published in a sold book. Im going to put an author stop to this once and for all.

  4. I hope you plan on suing you but all your time and heart into all your work for someone to come along and take credit is just wrong .I so sorry you have brought a lot of joy to so many.

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