£310 donated to Blantyre Buildings

£310 Books donated to Blantyre Public & Private Buildings

This is a special thanks to all the lovely, kind people whom in the last fortnight has bought a Blantyre Project book at various galas and summer fetes.

I’m pleased to announce that between 10th June – 24th June 2017, a total of £310 was raised, after costs of the books themselves, which has now gone back into the community!

Blantyre Project / Paul Veverka retains not one penny.

As promised, ensuring the donation is to benefit people IN Blantyre, many books were able to be bought and donated by my sister charitable website, “Blantyre Telegraph” as welcome gifts to:

– Kirkton Care,
– Kirk Care Home,
– Calderglen Care Home,
– Bonnie Blantyre (as a future Prize).
– In addition, last Thursday evening, Blantyre books were handed into all three medical practices at Victoria Street’s Blantyre Health Centre for putting out in their reception areas, including the latest pictorial book, “Blantyre Images”, the first Blantyre picture book of its kind to be released since the 1990s.

– On Friday there, copies of a full set of Blantyre Project history books were also handed into Blantyre Library too, where the public can freely hire out these detailed books at their leisure.


As you all know, getting accurate Blantyre history out to the masses, is my main goal.

I’m thrilled that this has been done using uniquely researched content involving the input and recollections from thousands of local people on a scale never been seen before.

With 9,000 photos, 3,475 articles on Blantyre Project website, it means there are many, many more books of different types planned in future decades. In the meantime, hopefully all 7 of these books will bring some joy, recollection and knowledge and of course this donation means in many instances, its now freely available to the wider public.

The Next Huge Step

“Blantyre Explained – The Definitive A-Z Encyclopedia” is just over a year away from being completed. At 513 pages and nearly three quarters of a million words in small font, even at the moment it represents the largest book EVER written about Blantyre, by anybody!

When its finished in 2018, it will have taken 7 solid years to write although some notes have been collected by me since 1985. I can confidently state that I’ve written into it EVERY evening since 2011 (with hardly an evening off, even on holiday and Christmas!) featuring content from nearly 9,000 people. Due to the sheer volume of content, it is thicker than a brick, with 800 pages and a over a million words! It will be THE definitive Blantyre book, covering every possible discovered aspect of notable Blantyre news throughout 8 Centuries of history. It also contains social history from our elderly residents and covers content from several previous and current historians. It will also importantly cover everything I have ever written about Blantyre in a much more concise manner. It grows at a monumental pace….imagine writing about EVERYTHING, EVER to do with Blantyre…..that is the task and goal, no less. I see this as a book that I’ll be adding to by issuing new editions, for the rest of my life. It will be my lasting legacy for Blantyre and by a far will be my proudest ever achievement, as it is at present even in draft format.

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“Blantyre Project – A journey in Time Vol 4” will be out in time for Christmas 2017 with my own story, “A Squirrel’s Tale – life growing up in the 70s and 80s in Blantyre” out in 2018.

Thank you for your support and interest. You ain’t seen nothing yet!

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