Archie Brown’s Diary 1874 Part 5


Continuing our look at market gardener, Archibald Brown’s amazing diary from 1874.  It is transcribed exactly as it was written and shared here courtesy of his great granddaughter, Jenny Day.

1908 Archie Brown Boathouse wm

Pictured at his former home at Boathouse on the North of Blantyre Priory at the side of the River Clyde is another great picture of Archie Brown working with baskets of fruit around 1908. His diary below confirms he grew vegetables also in the orchard, alongside the fruit.

In May 1874, as summer months gave way to better working outside, Archie wrote in his diary:


Fri 1. Fine morning, went in for stinkie in the forenoon, dutch hoeing in the afternoon, fine day. Cold at night, wind NW

Sat 2. Frost this morning, stirring up in the vine border in the forenoon. Dutch hoeing in the Cullough Brae in the afternoon. Watered the greenhouse at night. Swept the kitchen vent in the morning, cold at night, wind n.east.

Sab 3.Fine morning, was a slight shower, went to church, Mr McLuckie in the forenoon and we had a young fellow in the afternoon who thought a good deal of himself. We had a shower through the day, a great deal colder tonight. Wind N, East. Heard the Corncrake (rare bird) today.


Mon 4. Fine morning. Dutch hoeing in the Cullough Brae, a slight shower at mid day. We are needing rain badly. Went up to Bothwell at night about the van. Cold day, wind North East.

Tues 5. Fine morning. Dutch hoeing all day, fine day, rather warmer mild night. Over at Willie Whites, Wind North West.

Wed 6. Fine morning, dutch hoeing in the Cullough along with W. White. Dull day, threatening rain. Wind n.east. Red spider very bad on the gooseberry’s in the Cullough.

Thur 7. Frosty morning, Dutch hoeing in the forenoon, amongst the old strawberry’s in the afternoon. A good deal of rain in the afternoon, smoked the greenhouse at night. Wind n.east.

Fri 8. Frost this morning, went in for stinkie in the forenoon, planting Wellington strawberry’s in the afternoon, very wet night, wind east.

Sat 9. Frost this morning, was planting Strawberry’s, Bob and Sandy was giving us a hand. Fine day, but rather cold, got a cart of dross. Fine night, wind north east all day.

Sab 10. Good morning, went to church, Mr McLuckie in the forenoon, a stranger in the afternoon and went to the new church at night and heard an excellent sermon from Romans. Macintosh is a powerful speaker and good style. Fine day, not so much sun, good night. Wind N.West.

Mon 11. Fine morning, was planting strawberry’s all day, put out the chrysanthemums at night, tried the fishing with the dulible rod but got nothing, fine day good night wind east.

Tues 12. Fine morning but a good deal of frost. Planting strawberry’s all day, rather cold wind from the east.

Wed 13. Fine morning, went in for stinkie in the forenoon, finished the Eltons, skuffed a few of the old ones, potted a dozen of the White Primula’s at night. Good day, fine night, wind east.

Thur 14. Frosty morning, was skuffing the old strawberry’s in the forenoon, cleaned the young hedge up the Boat Road in the afternoon and commenced to dig the crossroad in the Cullough. Doing odds and ends at night, fine, wet afternoon, wet afternoon, wet night, wind west.

Fri 15. Fine morning, was sowing carrots in the forenoon, lifting strawberry’s and planting Savoys also a few Wizards. Finished the planting of the strawberry’s. Fine day, wind east, cold.

Sat 16. Frost this morning, sowed a few peas in the morning scuffing stwawberrys all day. Went to Orchard at night, fine day. Wind N East.

Sun 17. Fine morning, went to Crossford church and to Auchinheath at night, fine day, very warm wind.


Mon 18. Fine morning, went to Carluke and took farewell with my sister, and went to Coatbridge with the first train, came round by Mount Vernon and walked home about 10 o’clock. Shifted strawberry’s the rest of the day, very forenoon, colder afternoon, wind east.

Tues 19. Went in for stinkie in the forenoon, amongst the old strawberry’s in the afternoon, fine forenoon, cold afternoon, watered the greenhouse at night, wind east. Got £2 today.

Wed 20. Fine morning, was shifting the oldest strawberry’s in the Cullough. Fine day for killing weeds. Went into Glasgow at night, visited Mrs Wilson. Fine night, wind east.

Thur 21. Good morning, amongst strawberry’s, dull day, rather coldish, like rain tonight, wind east.

Fri 22. Was skuffing the oldest strawberry’s in the Cullough, rather dull, wind east.

Sat 23. Fine morning, was hoeing on the brae at the head of the Cullough, we had a very heavy thunder plump in the afternoon and a little thunder, fine day, wind south east.

Sun 24. Fine morning, came on rain about 10 o’clock and was rain all day. Very wet afternoon, was at church, Mr McLuckie both sermons, good night, wind east.

Mon 25. Fine morning, was ridging for turnips in the Fairhaugh all day, fine afternoon. Rather warmer today. Wind east all day.

Tues 26. Fine morning, went in for stinkie in the forenoon, ridging for turnips in the afternoon. Very mild growing day, wind south.

Wed 27. Planting cauliflower in the morning, ridging for turnips for the rest of the day. Very wet night, wind southwest.

Thur 28. Fine morning, ridging for turnips all day. Very strong wind, got the Chrysanthemums broken with the blast, fine night, wind west.

Fri 29. Fine morning, went to Blantyre Farm for the horse in the morning, sowed a few turnips in the orchard in the forenoon, filling dung in the afternoon for the field turnips. Wet night, got drenched to the skin, wind west.

Sat 30. Fine morning, digging in the roads in the Cullough Brae and finished the plot of strawberry’s in the Cullough. Fine mild day, rather wet, wind west.

Sab 31. Went to the church, both sermons had Mr McLuckie. Fine day but showery, fine growing day, high wind from the west.

Courtesy: Jenny Day

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