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We’ve been looking at Arch Brown (b1848-d1912) this week, the market gardener of Boathouse (who lived at Boat Jocks) near the River Clyde.

1889 Arch BrownArch was born in 1848 and married Christina Braid in 1875. Christina’s family lived in the northern cottage at Boatland, and after their marriage, Arch and Christina moved into the southern cottage, Boathouse, next to the orchard and greenhouses.

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At that time, it was a quiet area, and I’m sure would have felt remote and peaceful, although during his time there, the Blantyreferme Colliery Bing nearby would rise up out of the ground towering above the area, and perhaps the coal-dust may even have affected the fruits grown.

Arch Brown died on 23rd April 1912, just a week after the Titanic sank in the Atlantic. As the UK was stunned by the Atlantic tragedy, Robert Brown, Arch’s son had to arrange a lair at High Blantyre Cemetery, something proven by the card here.

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Arch is buried in the family Lair at Old Blantyre cemetery; section E Lair #673, along with his wife, her parents and two daughters. Margaret and Christina. Neither Christina (his wife) or Jessie, his mother in law, had their names added to the stone, perhaps due to the lair being full.

Information with thanks to Jenny Day.


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