1967 a week of Vehicle Accidents

slow signThe last week in January 1967, was a particularly bad one for vehicle accidents in Blantyre. Perhaps owing to icy conditions that Winter, a spate of accidents took place, forcing authorities to consider if there was a common issue.

A man was killed and another 5 men and a 3 year old girl injured on Blantyre’s roads that week, indeed only over a 3 day period.

The man who was killed was Michael Duddy (58) of Northway. He was killed when his motorcycle collided with a car one Saturday night on Hamilton Road near Spittal Farm.

Ann McAteer (3) of 1 Mossgiel Street, High Blantyre was knocked down by a car on Main Street that same day and was taken to Hairmyres Hospital with face and body injuries. That same night John Graham (21) was knocked down on Glasgow Road near the junction with Coatshill Avenue although was not seriously injured.

Three men were injured the night before when their van collided with 2 parked cars in Auchinraith Road near the junction with Maxwell Crescent. Michael Gillon (26) of 26 Logan Street, Crawford Brown (24) of 54 Maxwell Crescent and a third man John Roache from Hamilton were all injured, Roache with broken bones.

If this wasn’t serious enough, that same weekend, a cyclist Mr Cornellius Ward (52) of 43 Livingstone Crescent received cuts to his face and body after being knocked off his bike by a passing car.

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Caroline McDougall Tony Brown is this your dad? There could only be one Crawford Brown in Blantyre back in 67 xx
Ann Marie Donnelly Margaret Allan is that Con Ward in this article?
Tony Brown Naw there’s wiz another Crawford Brown …ma old mans cousin I think…?? Xx
Ann Millar I Knew CON WARD, stayed down the road from us.

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