1967 Miss Fair Lady Contest


1967 Miss Fair Lady Contest wmBeauty contests are of course NOT a common thing in these politically correct days. However, in the 1960’s, they certainly still were all the rage and innocently seen as uplifting for the contestants and entertainment for those who came along to see the contestants.

Ann Newlands (21) on the far right, from Burnbank was the judges winner winning “Miss Hamilton Advertiser” on Monday 6th March 1967. The ‘contest’ was held at the ABC Cinema at Townhead Street, Hamilton at the interval during a first night showing of “My Fair Lady.”

Amongst the Lanarkshire ladies were 2 Blantyre ladies, Miss Ann Blair, who is the blonde woman in the centre and on the right of her Miss Sheila Ferguson.

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Gord Fotheringham Blantyre wimen were and still are some of the most beautiful
Kathleen McShane I’m sure the girl who won it is Anne Newland from Burnbank.
The Blantyre Project it is, she won the competition and was 21 years old at the time.

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