1967 Carol’s Home away from Home


1967 Carol Rowlands wmIn early 1967, Hamilton’s College of Education had become a “home away from home” for 19 year old student teacher, Carol Rowlands.

For although Carol lived only 2 miles away in High Blantyre, by then she had moved into the residential section of the college normally occupied by non Lanarkshire students.

At the time of this photo, Carol was in her 2nd year and had been living at 2 Birdsfield Drive, Blantyre. Speaking of her short move, she told reporters, “There is more general freedom living at the college and the feeling of independence and responsibility is good for you. It’s not the only reason for the college has good studying facilities with a fully equipped library and film strips to assist studies. Of course the social aspect of college life is great and you can really get to know the girls you study with. It’s just like another home and I’ll definitely be here next year too!”

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Elizabeth Weaver I remember the Rowlands family and I recognise Carol – I think she had a brother (Ben?) who went to Auchinraith with my brother Brian Weaver. In a time when students mostly lived at home and went to their nearest university or college, Carol was lucky to have the chance to live away from home. Students had always tended to stay at home until they got married, so that just meant a bus journey twice a day into Glasgow. Hard to imagine now, when students go off at 18 to live independently and have a choice of universities and locations to choose from.
Brian Weaver I don’t think Ben went to Auchinraith, but we were friends at Hamilton Academy. I used to admire Carol from afar, as one does as a teenager!
Elizabeth Weaver I knew your memory would be better than mine 😉 I hope Carol’s reading this…
Brian Weaver I hope not!

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