Dr Keir Fisher, Blantyre


16388900_1551954908152233_155536774_oLynn Dougela messaged me in January saying, “Paul my brother found this in his house shed and wonder if you have any information on this doctor from Blantyre? Where he practiced and when or anything you might know? Thanks”

Here are the notes I have on Dr Fisher.

Dr David Keir Fisher, LRCP, LRCS, qualified in Edinburgh, Initially worked in Glasgow as a surgeon and physician, then came to Blantyre in 1923 until 1930. He lived at a house called “Cairns” in Station Road, but his surgery was at 141 Glasgow Road, which is a former address which used to be at the very corner of Church Street and Glasgow Road (where now there is a wee plot of vacant land). His telephone number was Blantyre 93.

Using the plaque, I was able to add the detail that his surgery was open 9am – 10am except Sundays, 2pm to 3pm and 7pm to 8pm except Wednesdays and Sundays. The plaque probably came off the front of the building outside his surgery when the property was demolished in the late 1970s.

Can you tell me anything else about Dr Fisher?

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Amanda Proud He led an interesting life! https://www.rcoa.ac.uk/lives-of-the…/dr-david-keir-fisher

Paul Veverka Thank you! Fantastic helpful link. I will update notes using this source,
Marian Maguire Lovely wee piece of Blantyre history.

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