Opening Stonefield Parish Church

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1979 Blantyre Project Stonefield Parish Church fire

1979 Stonefield Parish Church fire

Stonefield Parish Church was located in Glasgow Road at the corner of Church Street.

This was originally noted as being a “Chapel of Ease” later to become known as Stonefield Parish. This “Chapel of Ease” came about as the Old Parish Church built at High Blantyre in 1863, was still subject to overcrowding. Some residents from Low Blantyre had far to walk and so it made sense that another church should be built which would remain under Blantyre Parish Church.

The Provost of Hamilton, John Clark Forrest, a prominent landowner in the town, donated the site for the Church in 1878. Built by William Adam Builders & Joiners of Main Street, High Blantyre. It was officially opened on Tuesday 29th June 1880 and could seat 900 people, entered from Glasgow Road. Rev. Thomas Pryde was ordained to be the pastorate of the church and was first to do so, when it opened.

A note in the Kirk Session book on 7th August 1880, records the event as described by the Rev Stewart Wright of High Blantyre Old Parish. Noting the opening date and the aforementioned ordainment, it was stated that Rev Wright himself conducted the ceremony and services along with Rev Scott, minister of Bargeddie who spoke from the bible Matthew IX v 37. Rev Wright offered prayers. After the service the ladies of the Parish presented Mr Pryde with a pulpit gown, hymnbook and bands. Mr Pryde said his thanks for the gift and the young minister then shook hands with the leaving congregation. A note was also entered about the glorious church being constructed in such a populous place.

Pictured, the Stonefield Parish Church on fire on 3rd September, 1979.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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