Blantyre Primitive Methodist Church

In 1893, there were only 6 members. By 1902, this had increased to 86 and services were held in Dixons Hall. On 31st October 1903, it was agreed to secure a site in Glasgow Road for a church. Plans were erected according to architect H Campbell’s (of Glasgow) design. It could seat 450 people with a rear hall, vestry and retiring rooms.

It was formerly opened on Thursday 23rd November 1905. The church closed during WW1 and lay disused until bought by the Stonefield Independent Co-operative Society in 1925, being refurbished with electric light installed. It was used as a hall for various purposes seating 470 people and opened on 29th January 1925.

It was used for various purposes including a dance hall. It was still owned by the Co-op in 1930, according to the valuation roll of that year. Following that, it was an unemployment exchange around 1931.

The Christian Brethern saved the fate of this building on the northern side of Glasgow Road. They put it back on track as a religious establishment and in 1936 renamed it “The Bethany Hall”, although this should not be confused with the Bethany Mission Hall in High Blantyre. This Low Blantyre, busy hall was used each Sunday at 1pm for Sunday school, 2pm for Bible Class, 3.30pm for Ministry meetings and 6.30pm for Gospel Meetings. It remained in their hands for 50 years until 16th December 1996,when they sold it to the World of Life Christian Fellowship.

It is now used as a private children’s nursery named Cosmic Cherubs and has address 266, Glasgow Road. It is a building quite often not given its recognition in Blantyre, understated by comparison to the other churches on Glasgow Road.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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Archie Peat Will be for ever associated with John Graham , the well known street preacher in Blantyre !!!!!
Gord Fotheringham Sang many a wee hymn in that hall……just for a few biscuits…..and a glass o milk…….
Tom Loggie A wee song the kids used to sing in the 1940’s
Join the mission Join the mission
Come boys and girls and join the missionSee more
Marian Maguire Nice to see a church preserved in Blantyre and not demolished.
Andy Callaghan I used to “sneak” in here with my mates Jim O’Donnel n Pete O ‘Brian cos you used to get a caramel for answering a bible question. I say “sneaked” because we were all Catholics and thought we were fooling the Bethany Hall folk. Was a wee bit of a thrill. And the nice folk in the hall probably knew fine who we were n weren’t the least bit bothered.
Isabel Mcneily If you sang the hymns they gave you a hapeny carmel
Isabel Mcneily Me too with Sadie Ennis
Emily Neil Went for the sweets
Betty McLean I think this church was the one John Graham attended. He preached in the streets around
Betty McLean Blantyre
Kirsty Barclay My girls. Went to the nursery so lovely to see the history
Anne Mackie Often wondered why it seemed to have been a church Now I know Thanks xxxx
Gordon Mather Great memories of that Hall, we stayed in the building adjacent to it above Dr Colville & Woods practice. We used to go there on Monday nights to join in the Teachings and singing for a Dainty Caramel which was thrown to you by Mr Graham. Most will remSee more
Etta Morrison Gordon we stayed in auchinraith rd and Dr colville was our doc xx
Gordon Mather Mine to
Joan Adams When a went to the Sunday school, we got penny caramels and outings to the sea side I’m sure it was a mister Easton and his family that run the Sunday school. That was the around 1970 a think
Stephen Allan Do you have anything on David Livingstone church Paul and the ministers who worked there as my mum and dad got married there in 77?
The Blantyre Project Stephen – I have exceptional detail for David Livingstone Memorial Church, but still to write it all up properly. I think i have a short paragraph on all ministers too. I now have notes on 91 ministers and priests of Blantyre. 😉 Will get it written up in due course. Some great photos to go with that when i do.

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