Auchentibber Memoirs Part 7

1909 Neptune at Auchentibber

1909 Neptune Statue (PV)

Continuing our look at Auchentibber with the memoirs and research of former resident Flora Dickson Potter. Written in her own words before she passed away, they are reprinted here as shared by Janet Cochrane. In Flora’s words, discussing the former Auchentibber Italian Gardens.

“Of course, the most outstanding features were raised based concrete urns, filled with flowers and backed by masses of ornamental balustrade but standing perhaps, but not to be compared with the effect produced by many statues of Grecian design. How there were fashioned out of concrete is a mystery but they were perfect copies of well known figures from ancient times. There was Arion and his dolphin and Neptune holding his trident, jets of water streaming from his statue into a pond beneath. It would have been possible to translate the scene to Athens , rather than Auchentibber!

It seems likely that JBH Struthers had created the gardens prior to the outbreak of war in 1914 but it is quite certain they were in existence long before 1923 (Paul Veverka adds here, they were in existence in 1908 and likely constructed within 5 or 6 years of JBH acquiring the Inn).

Pictured here exclusively to Blantyre Project is the statue of Neptune in those Italian Gardens, as described by Flora.

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