Auchentibber Memoirs Part 6

Continuing our look at Flora Dickson Potter’s research and memoirs of Auchentibber. Flora sadly, no longer alive put these words down on paper, and now kindly passed on to me with thanks ,via Janet Cochrane.  In Flora’s words, she continues to discuss the Auchentibber Quoiting Green and Italian Gardens.

1909 Lounge in Auchentibber rose garden

1909 Quoiting Green Lounge in Gardens

“A series of photographs, which may be seen in the District Council’s Reference Library show what the gardens looked like, but an attempt will now be made to describe the scene.  All the efforts which were achieved depended on the ideas of Mr J.BH Struthers and the enthusiasm and skills of the men who moulded balustrade and statues out of conrete and who created the paths bridges, ponds and fountains complemented by roses, shurbs and bedding which all came together to give a wonderful impression.

The quoiting green which was first approached had a white painted wooden railing round it and a flag staff was situated towards the western end, near to the roadside. It was above this that a rustic stairway led to a roof garden at a level of about fifteen feet above a long terrace. Thus there was a lower and upper terrace and in a rose garden there was an intriguing lounge made of woods, in a quinquagonal shape white painted and platformed. Towards the Inn, there was a rustic pavilion and a south walk with white painted seats.”

The wooden lounge, is shown here in this 1909 photo, exclusively online with Blantyre Project.

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