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1979masonicIn December 2016, Graham Glen contacted me saying, “I am researching the work of my maternal grandfather, Glasgow master glass stainer James Benson, who was prolific in producing church memorial windows and domestic panels around 1890 until 1914. He is on record as having work installed at the Livingstone Masonic Lodge. I would be most grateful to receive any information you have in connection with the old Masonic Lodge. Any reference in records or, of course, a photograph, would be wonderful. I look forward to hearing from you.”

I was able to send this reply:

Graham – Thanks for your email and what an interesting subject to be researching. It’s always good to be able to add who was involved in the construction of Blantyre’s old buildings so thank you firstly for that note.

Livingstone Masonic Lodge, sadly is no longer here. It was demolished in the late 1970s, as part of our towns reconstruction and modernisation. Here’s a photo of it in 1979, just before its demolition. The three primary windows on the front of the facade did indeed have stain glass inserted into them on the lower panes. This coloured glass featured the masonic regalia. There may have been more glass within the building itself. A good picture exists from the 1910s, which I’ve zoomed in.
If you’re interested in this building further, its history is told in two parts here:
I wish you all the best with your research and hope this is all of some help. Paul.
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David Neil Chalmers Were the windows saved??? If not, why not.
The Blantyre Project cant see any record of them being save or taken anywhere. Still leaves the question also what happened to the large Stained Glass Window of Livingstone that this lodge had, the work of Mr Benson.
Andrew Baillie My grandfather was in the blantyre masons at one stage he was master.
Valerie Krawczyk Were any of the Windows transferred to the new Masonic Hall?
Spinrek Kestler bottom photo looks like it was took from John st. part of my playground on younger days
Ean Brown The windows installed in the Masonic lodge were refurbished and installed internally in the new Building at the bottom of Elm Street. When we sold the building they were removed and are currently in storage but condition at present is unknown. I am a PM of Lodge Livingstone Stonefoeld No. 599

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