1915 Broompark Rd, Barnhill


1915-barnhill1-wmThis rural scene is at Broompark Road, just off Barnhill. The pictures taken in World War One years in 1915 show the old stepped gables and thatched roof of a former cottage, possibly named Saugh Cottage. On the right was a 2 storey tenement building, which you will see from the photo, when I zoom in, was constructed in 1818.  The tenement building was directly across from the Templetons Smiddy on Broompark Road near what would later become the corner of Glenfruin Road. Today, modern homes are in that location.

The small dating stone on this building was unusually protruding above the gutterline.


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Janet Cochrane My Main grandparents stayed in this building for a short time after they married before going to Little Udston. My mother Annie Marshall (Main) stayed in a new house built on this site for thirty years from 1975 till 2006.

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